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    Visit Yuan Longping's third-generation hybrid rice base

    • Last Update: 2021-02-22
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    Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, June 4th: "Old-style" as "executive" - visit Yuan Longping's third-generation hybrid rice base
    Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ying
    This year, 69-year-old retired veteran Wu Wei Chuan of Hengbanqiao Village, Lupu County, Hunan Province, is a locally recognized "old-timer" because of his experience, since 2005, he has been The Yuan Longping team's "executive officer" in the local test field.
    530 meters above sea level in the village of Hengbanqiao, which is circled by mountains, has always been a base for hybrid rice in Hunan because of its abundant light and fertile ground. In 2014, the super hybrid rice yield exceeded the 1000 kg mark here. This year, The village of Yokosaka has become one of the test points of the third generation hybrid rice yield of 1200 kg per mu, and the concrete implementation of the attack plan and the burden of field management have once again fallen on Lao Wu's shoulders.
    afternoon in early June, when the reporter came to the village of Yokosaka, there had just been a shower. Lao Wu's home is at the mouth of the village, just a two-minute walk from the test field.
    " test field a total of 30 acres, 11600 per acre, according to the wide narrow line planting, wide line leading 1.2 feet, narrow line leading 0.7 feet, displacement 0.6 feet. "The cultivation plan developed by Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center and Lupu County Agricultural and Rural Bureau according to the actual situation in the local area, Lao Wu has long been familiar with the heart.
    " to do scientific research and plant fields is different, the pressure is really big! Speaking of the feeling of being an "executive", Lao Wu sighed with confidence. He told reporters that the early stage of the whole land and fertilization, ordinary planting 30 workers is enough, he invited 100 workers; In short, how fine how to come.
    From the time after transplantation to the present time, field management pay attention to a "dry, dry and wet wet", that is, rice fields in the dry and dry when a small number of times to fill the water, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. To this end, Lao Wu every day is 5:30 in the morning to get up, hit the electricity to the field to view, but also had a slip under his feet, fell off the field.
    Shu Youlin, a senior agronomist with the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Lupu County, said that many of the parameters in the scientific research program are an average, and Lao Wu often proposes amendments to the expert group based on his rich experience and actual management. A week ago, the sharp-eyed old Wu found that the floating mud in the field is relatively deep, will cause the seedlings to take root shallow, reported to the group of experts, he drained loose soil, "check the leak to make up ", the problem was quickly resolved.
    Yuan has
    me many times, sometimes he will guide me, sometimes I will say my opinion. Lao Wu told reporters that in 2013 Yuan Longping came to Hengbanqiao village to check the situation of the test field, had deliberately brought himself a gift.
    Xu Chunfang, the project leader of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center in the village of Hengbanqiao, told reporters that the seeds used in the attack were sent after they were made at the Sanya Nanyuan base, affected by the outbreak, and the planting period was delayed by 12 days than originally planned. "From the data available so far, the overall situation is very good, thanks to Lao Wu." Xu Chunfang said.
    Because of the long-term participation in the attack, Lao Wu to the villagers of Hengbanqiao village played a very good role in demonstration, some of the farmers who had planted "lazy Hantian" "hands off the field", but also learned to work as hard as Lao Wu. In 2019, the yield of rice per acre in the local ordinary fields reached a maximum of 1,700 kg, an average yield of more than 100 kg higher than in 2014.
    always said to good species, good state, good law and good people, I think the most important thing here is good people. Lao Wu said, "The hands and feet are diligent, love to move the mind, several other conditions can play a role, super rice will have a higher yield." ”
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