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    WACKER launches a redispersible latex powder made from biobase acetic acid

    • Last Update: 2020-03-25
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    WACKER introduced a redispersible latex powdermade from biobase acetic acidthis new redispersible latex powder is particularly suitable for the productionof waterproof mortar,external insulation system with dry mixed mortar and other building materialssustainable and environmentally friendly buildings play an important role in global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions
    ,architects and building developers are increasingly focusing on the use of renewable raw materials,a growing number of building materials manufacturers are providing solutionsWACKER uses bio-acetic acid to produce this newof redispersible latex powder productsbio-base acetic acid as a by-product of the wood processing industry,produced in the process of producing fiber materials for the paper industry
    ,wood used from thewithin 400 km of theat the WACKER Berghausen
    production site,certifi
    ed by thePEFC®
    of theForest Certification System Approval Program)bio-base acetic acid isof high purity,water content is low,good quality , can completely replace the of acetic acid based on natural gas or oil production WACKER uses bioacetic acid and ethylene to produce ethylene acetate monomers , the use of ethylene , to produce ethylene acetate -
    ethylene (
    VAE ) co-polymer emulsion , the produced in the production of liquid polymeree emulsions for coating production then WACKER using a large spray dryer to process the lotion into a that can be dispersed liquid polymer emulsion is fed into a hot air stream by a nebulizer , can be immediately dried into fine powder this adhesive can give such as high flexibility and adhesion of building materials such as dry-mixed mortar , tile adhesive , and waterproof mortar bio-acetic acid can be mixed conventional acetic acid during production and directly into WACKER's existing production line regardless of the in the binder VAE emulsion is based on conventional acetic acid , or bio-base acetic acid , the quality and performance of the adhesive without any difference , its chemical and physical properties are no different the new redispersible latex powder without flow-change , improved materials with better adhesion , folding strength , molded , scratch-resistant and construction performance , material semalutage , touch or water retention will not be greatly affected this new adhesive is particularly suitable for the formulation of flexible and highly attached low-emission mortar , making it far better than the use of external insulation systems and other polystyrene organic substrate
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