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    Wanderlust Creamery Big White Rabbit Ice Cream on the shelf in seconds! Crazy as a cat's claw cup!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
    • Source: Internet
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    If you want to ask me what i miss most about your childhood? The big white rabbit milk candy that was red across the north and south of the great river must be on the list! Just this past weekend, childhood memories of the big white rabbit on social media again lively

    but this time not because of lip balm, but because of ice cream! On Friday, a blogger revealed that The American ice cream shop Wanderlust Creamery had come out of the Big White Rabbit Ice Cream, and it was empty on the shelf, becoming a big blast, and even facing a shortage of white rabbit milk sugar

    this news into the country, immediately caused a lot of white rabbit fans lamented:

    " big white rabbit is not our family? Why are you hungry! We're going to eat too! "I cry so loudly! I'm so desperate to eat this big white rabbit ice cream!"

    has always thought that Wanderlust creamery is known for its introduction of a variety of interesting flavors of ice cream, each of which is "inspired by travel, reminding us of childhood, places we've been to and places we want to go." "

    this time to launch the white rabbit flavor of ice cream, one is to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the other is to remind the local Asian-American childhood memories, the main wave of nostalgia

    's website, "Season Limits" on the website, in addition to the taste of the big white rabbit milk sugar, there are Japanese cherry blossom flavor, Irish brown butter whiskey, Catalan white chocolate olive oil and so on

    a large white rabbit ice cream ball contains about 1.3 milk sugar, even wrapped in the barrel of paper is "original" big white rabbit milk sugar paper

    Many diners feel that "reminiscent of eating sugar as a child" tastes like white rabbit milk sugar


    to make it easier for people to eat, Wanderlust creamery says we've helped you peel off the rice paper

    However, for this "intimate" action, people do not seem to buy:

    "what?" Rice paper is my favorite!", "Can I buy all the rice paper you peel off?" "The rice paper is the soul of the great rabbit!"

    In fact, the ice cream shop to the white rabbit outside this layer of rice paper tore off, because it has no way to put ice cream together, will melt

    although the big white rabbit ice cream in foreign fire, but also let the domestic netizens one by one incarnate lemon essence, the official began to defend rights

    Shanghai Crown Health Park said the white rabbit ice cream was not a product they authorized to sell in the U.S

    and had never worked with Wanderlust Creamery, meaning the latter may have been infringing

    this isn't the first time there's a big white rabbit-flavored ice cream, and before Wanderlust Creamy played the memory slot, there were other ice cream brands that came out with big white rabbit-flavored ice cream

    "text-align:left;" Beijing-classic white rabbit ice stick

    as early as 2015, some small shops in the streets of Beijing have appeared in the "big white rabbit ice stick" figure, shaped like the old Beijing ice stick

    The big white rabbit ice cream is placed in the freezer at the door of the small shop, the freezer is affixed with the propaganda slogan "The taste of the big white rabbit ice cream when she was a child", which once aroused the nostalgia of netizens

    classic white rabbit ice stick, the appearance of the same as the white rabbit milk sugar, but eat and ordinary cream ice cream taste similar

    as shanghai's old milk sugar, this big white rabbit ice stick did not fire out of Beijing

    Until the big white rabbit milk sugar manufacturer Shanghai Guansheng park said that the big white rabbit is a well-known national trademark, only milk sugar, hard sugar and peanut nougat three categories, has never produced cold drinks

    Everyone just reacted: it turned out to be a cottage goods

    Hong Kong-Igloo Dessert Bar

    The Igloo Dessert Bar in Central Hong Kong, also introduced the big white rabbit milk sugar flavor ice cream in 2018, and now sees the big white rabbit in the United States across the ocean again, and the introduction of the same flavor of ice cream

    but also an upgraded version of the United States, on the ice cream with white rabbit sugar melted syrup, sugar crushed, for those who are losing weight is really evil

    ! "text-align:left"; Malaysia-Inside Scoop

    Looking at the big white rabbit milk sugar flavor ice cream in the United States business so hot, other ice cream brands look naturalised lying behind

    Malaysia's ice cream brand, Inside Scoop, followed suit with the same taste of ice cream

    There is now a long queue at the door of the shop

    Inside Scoop also developed the production process on its own social platform

    Artificially a large white rabbit milk sugar "peeled off clothing", thrown into the preservation box

    The thought of this pile into a hill-like big white rabbit milk sugar will soon become a sweet ice cream, will not consciously swallow the mouth, the rich milk fragrance in the mouth overflowing, as if back to a carefree childhood, people can't stop

    if Crown Garden really out of the big white rabbit milk sugar flavor ice cream, you will pay for it?

    Source: Coldplay Labs

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