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    Water circulation is important and complex in photodynoploy

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    is of great significance to plants to realize the energy conversion of nature and maintain the atmospheric carbon-oxygen balance. Reporter 20 from China
    Kunming Plant Research Institute learned that the research team of the plant to adapt to different light intensity of the regulatory mechanism of in-depth study, there are new important discoveries.
    Huang Wei, associate researcher of Kunming Plant Research Institute, said that under natural conditions, the light intensity received by plant leaves fluctuates at any time, and from time to time there is insufficient light and from time to time there is excess light energy. When the light strength suddenly increases, the excess light absorbed by the plant leaves can easily cause damage to the activity of the light system and affect the growth of the plant. According to the theoretical model of photocody, two alternative electron transfer pathways, ring electron transmission and water water circulation, can protect the plant from strong light fluctuations. It has long been believed that the formation of cross-class cystic membrane proton gradient, which is mediated by ring electron transmission, is the main regulatory mechanism for the plant to adapt to fluctuating light strength, but little research has been made on the regulation of water circulation.
    Not long ago, the institute's Zhang Shibao research team in the subject plants to adapt to the wave of light strength of photosynthmatic control strategy of research found that in the first 20 seconds of sudden increase in light strength, the model plant mustard leaf green body can not establish a sufficient cross-class cystic membrane proton gradient, which leads to excess electrons from the optical system II to the optical system I, resulting in excessive reduction of photosynsic system I, causing the production of reactive oxygen free-form and causing damage to the photosynthropoietic system I. Although the excessive reduction of the light system I reaction center stimulates ring electron transmission, it is still impossible to avoid damage to the athropomorphone mustard system I. Due to the low water circulation activity of athropomorthic mustard, this result still can not rule out the regulation of water circulation in fluctuating light strength.
    Based on an important strategy found by the previous research team in East China mountain tea to adapt the water cycle to bright light stress, the researchers made further research on East China mountain tea, and found that the water cycle can quickly transfer excess electrons at the light system I to oxygen to remove the excessive reduction state of light system I, thereby protecting the activity of light system I from the damage of fluctuating light strength.
    further studies have found that water circulation is a more efficient light protection strategy than ring electron transmission in fluctuating light strength. This is the first time in the world to reveal the water cycle in the fluctuation of light under the important regulatory role, but between different species, water cycle protection strategies also exist diversity and complexity. The five findings were published in international journals such as Environmental and Experimental Botany, Plant Science, and Bioeneerology.
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