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    What are the big moves of pharmaceutical equipment companies in the near future? Buy land, mergers and acquisitions, transformation...

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    "Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics" With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the prospects of the upstream pharmaceutical equipment industry are also favored by some investors, the industry's every move is being concerned by the industrySo what have pharmaceutical equipment companies been busy with in recent years? From the recent announcement of pharmaceutical machine enterprise disclosure, the response of enterprises on the interactive platform, there are busy buying land for expansion, new project reserves to prepare; Behind all kinds of actions are pharmaceutical equipment companies to accelerate development and improve the competitiveness of the future initiatives. What are the big moves of pharmaceutical equipment companies in the near future? Buy land, mergers and acquisitions, transformation..(Source: Pharmaceutical Network) Buy land, in preparation for expansion and new project reserves On May 28, Canaan Technology issued "On the Company's intention to participate in the bidding of land use rights progress announcement." According to the announcement, Canaan Technology won a land use right on the northern street of Lubei for 48.09 million yuan, with a bid land area of about 661,000 square meters (99.187 acres).
    The company said that the purchase of land use rights, mainly as the company's future project expansion or new project reserve land, for production and operation to provide the necessary guarantee, conducive to enhance the company's sustainable development capacityThis matter is in line with the company's long-term development plan, in the interests of all shareholders and the company, and will not have a significant impact on the company's financial position and operating performance.
    According to Canaan Technology's "solid preparation intelligent factory overall solution supplier" and the layout of a healthy development strategy, with the advantages of the company in the field of pharmaceutical equipment and intelligent logistics, accelerate the construction of intelligent factory industrial base in Wenzhou, will help the company to integrate local social resources, promote the company's pharmaceutical equipment and intelligent logistics business coordinated development, further enhance the company's business scale and sustainable profitability, to ensure the company's healthy and sustainable development.
    Relying on the industrial base, the company will continue to strengthen the high-end generic solid preparation intelligent factory business, biological agents innovative pharmaceutical water equipment and pharmaceutical dispensing liquid system engineering business, intelligent logistics business three business sectors of the core competitiveness, to build a supporting data operation center;
    Stick to the beginning of the first heart, in accordance with the established development strategy forward in early May, Dongfulong in the interactive platform, said that the company as a pharmaceutical equipment enterprise, will remain unchanged, in accordance with the "systematic, internationalization, digital" development strategy, adhere to the "professional and technical services to the pharmaceutical industry" mission, determined to become "the delivery of smart pharmaceutical companies."
    In addition, the company also said that around the "systematic, international, digital" development strategy, for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to create competitive and brand influence of the pharmaceutical equipment overall system solutions, and actively explore domestic and foreign products marketAt the same time, the company is also in the field of cell preparation, food equipment continued investment, improve the overall turnkey engineering capacity, to help the company's medium- and long-term operating performance can continue to grow.
    Financial data show that the company achieved total operating income of 2.26 billion yuan in 2019, up 18.1% YoY, and net profit of 150 million, up 107% YoYDongfulong said that the company vigorously promote precision management, through the improvement of information management capabilities, the integration of the overall business combing analysis, material costs, costs and operating income ratio have decreased, greatly improving profit growth.
    In the first quarter of 2020, Dongfulong achieved operating income of 503 million yuan, up 14.72% YoY, and realized net profit of RMB47.1485 million, up 195.98% YoYIt is reported that the company in the pharmaceutical equipment sector to actively protect and promote the delivery of domestic and foreign business plans, continue to implement precision management, improve information management capabilities, strengthen cost control;
    Busy mergers and acquisitions, busy transformation Chutian Technology recently said on the interactive platform, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Sichuan Medical Design Institute has P3 biosecurity laboratory design and construction capacityIts Sichuan Medical design institute undertook the design of Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital high-level biosecurity laboratory (P3), has been highly recognized by hospital experts.
    At present, Chutian Technology is planning a follow-up acquisition of ROMACOROMACO was previously the world's seventh largest pharmaceutical equipment company, is an established solid preparation packaging manufacturers, products have entered the world's more than 100 countries and regions.
    In addition, the high-end pharmaceutical equipment, "pharmaceutical industry 4.0" and intelligent manufacturing will be regarded as the "rigid demand" of pharmaceutical companiesIt is reported that Chutian Technology has successfully developed some intelligent pharmaceutical production robots and related production lines using automation and information technology, is to create "pharmaceutical industry 4.0" smart factory overall solution of the EPC service provider transformation.
    Conclusion The current pharmaceutical industry is influenced by policy factors, and the concentration of the industry is increasingFor the upstream pharmaceutical equipment industry, the market competition will also become more intenseHow to do a good job in the next strategic layout has become a very important issue in the process of enterprise developmentFrom the recent actions of pharmaceutical machine enterprises, new ideas are opening, the strategic layout of enterprises is accelerating to land, pharmaceutical equipment industry competition will once again blow the horn.
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