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    What are the requirements for dust-proof test chambers?

    • Last Update: 2022-10-03
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    Dustproof test box is suitable for a variety of auto parts to do dustproof and dustproof test, test parts include lamps, instruments, electrical dust covers, steering systems, door locks, etc

    Dustproof test chamber box structure: 1.
    Inner tank material: SUS stainless steel light plate

    Box shell material: steel plate spray plastic treatment

    There is a dust replacement device at the bottom of the test chamber 4.
    The bottom of the test chamber adopts high-quality fixable PU activity wheel

    Visual glass door, easy to observe the test sample condition
    in the test chamber.

    How can I do a dustproof test chamber? Many products have been used indoors and turned to outdoor use, which requires the product shell to withstand the harsh outdoor natural environment, which means that the product shell must be able to meet the protection level standard, which requires the product must be able to adapt to the
    external environment.

    It must be tested in the dustproof test box, talc powder should be filtered by metal square hole sieve, wire diameter 50um, sieve hole size of 75um, talc powder dosage of 2KG per cubic meter of test volume, the number of times used shall not exceed 20 times

    Test Restricted Conditions: After the test, observe the location of talc powder deposit, as with other dust, is not enough to affect the normal operation or safety of the equipment, that is, the test is considered to be qualified

    Except in special cases expressly provided for in the relevant product standards, dust deposits
    are not permitted where electric scarring may be caused along creepage distances.

    The dust-proof experimental box produced in this way is designed and developed in strict accordance with the requirements of the above standards, and it adopts a box structure for easy use, using independently designed control procedures, one-click operation, convenient and fast

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