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    What is bread shortening?

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
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    The bread is soft and palatable, with a sweet aftertaste, and is a food suitable for all ages

    Bread is soft and oily

    There are many types of bread.

    The bread that most people like is often the style that is soft, refreshing and rich in aroma

    Oils, especially solid oils, have good plasticity and can assist in the formation of rich lamellar structures during the molding process of bread

    There are many types of fats used in bread, which can be animal fats such as butter and lard, or plant-based margarine and shortening.

    You don't have to stay away from shortening

    The so-called shortening is the refined animal and vegetable oil, hydrogenated oil or a mixture of the above-mentioned oils and fats, which has good shortening and processing properties similar to lard

    The base material of shortening can be vegetable oil, animal oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil

    The reason why many people have doubts about shortening is mainly because of the trans fatty acids in it

    Liang Jianfen pointed out that in the process of hydrogenation of vegetable oil, if the conditions are well controlled, the content of trans fatty acids can be very low, which generally does not bring risks to people's health

    Scientific purchase can avoid "oil" healthily

    In recent years, China's bread consumption has developed rapidly, showing an increasing trend year by year

    How to choose a delicious and healthy bread from a wide variety of flavors, consumers can refer to the following points:

    Look for "harder" breads Generally speaking, hard breads are lower in sugar and fat

    Buy bread with a “lighter” taste.

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