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    What is fermented food? What are the characteristics of fermented foods?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    I have read a report that the two world's oldest regions, confirmed by statistics, are Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in JapanThe reason for this, the air is fresh, the climate is pleasant, the environment is harmonious, food health and so on, as long as the heart to explore, who can understand the road of health and longevityThis road is very wide, detailed rather inconvenient, the following small editor to you say what is fermented food? What are the characteristics of fermented foods?1What is fermented food?fermented food is a kind of food that humans skillfully use beneficial microorganisms to processspeaks of health and longevity, and when it comes to fermented foods, he has to mention JapanThere are many reasons why Japanese people live on the highest life expectancy in the world, but diet is the most important factorIn the Daily Foods of the Japanese people, there are both sashimi, sushi and other fresh delicacies, as well as miso soup, pickles, beans and other fermented foodHealth experts in Japan believe that fermented food has a huge and positive impact on human health, and the longevity of Japanese people is importantSo what are the advantages of fermented food compared to regular food?One of the best features offermented foods is their health-care and disease-prevention benefits comparable to those of drugs2.the characteristics of fermented foodscharacteristic one: microorganisms in the fermentation process, can secrete plant enzymes, this substance can break down phytic acid, activated mineral elements, improve the utilization of calcium, iron, zinc, chromium and other trace elementscharacteristic sii: beneficial bacteria in fermented foods can improve the micro-ecological balance of the human digestive tract characteristics three: microbes have the ability to synthesize B vitamins, often eat fermented food can supplement vitamins characteristic iv: beneficial bacteria have the ability to break down proteins, and thus improve the protein digestion and absorption rate of fermented foods At the same time, beneficial bacteria can also improve the protein content of food during fermentation characteristic syces five: fermented food can improve the body's immunity, and has a certain anti-cancer effect above is the small finishing of the "fermented food" related knowledge, said the five characteristics of fermented food, that fermented food what, such as red wine, beans, kimchi, yogurt and cheese Source: Bird of Life
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