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    What is the difference between wood wax oil and water-like paint? Wood wax oil and water-based paint are the more popular decorative coatings.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-13
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    Wood wax oil and water-based paint are the more popular decorative coatings, green environmental protection, so that furniture more beautiful. But few people know the difference. Today, we have organized the introduction of wood wax oil and water-like paint, so that we can get a good understanding of

    wax oil
    wood wax oil is not a primer. Because wood wax oil is an environmentally friendly product, it is an oily environmentally friendly coating made from oils and vegetable waxes extracted from plants.
    tested by the state authorities, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene, the healthy growth of people and animals, plants, safe and harmless. Is the true sense of pure natural, green products.
    Wood wax oil can penetrate the small pores on the surface of the wood, so that the wood can breathe naturally, maintain natural wood elasticity, solidly fit with the wood, enhance the hardness of the wood surface, and will not form a paint film on the surface of the wood, not easy to crack, and fall off.
    -based paint
    water-based paint is an organic solvent-free coating, it is water-based thinner, no organic solvent coating. Non-toxic non-irritating odor, harmless to human body, do not pollute the environment. Good flexibility and water resistance, wear resistance, aging and so on. Generally speaking, water-grade paint is suitable for wood, plastic, glass and other materials.
    's the difference between the two?
    1. Diluent is different
    water-like paint can play the effect of paint, gloss is better than wood wax oil, environmentally friendly water-like paint can be directly used as a thinner, directly diluted. Wood wax oil, on the other than wood wax, requires an exclusive thinner to dilute. If water-like paint in the brushing process on the hand, can be washed directly, wood wax oil needs to be cleaned with thinner or soap, wood wax oil is oil does not wash the hands will have a greasy feeling.
    2. Brushing tools are different
    the brush used for wood wax oil brushes is a mane brush, while the water-specific paint brush tool is a water-specific fiber brush, which is softer than a mane brush.
    3. The color palette is different
    wood wax oil is an oily coating, the color paste used is an oily color paste, and the water-based paint is a water-based coating, which is a water-based color paste for coloring.
    4. Construction methods are
    : for the construction of wood wax oil, it is recommended to wipe, spray and brush.
    on the construction of water-like paint, brushing and spraying is recommended.
    water-like paint and wood wax oil are not mixed. Water-like paint is water-like, wood wax oil is oily. Oil and water are insoluble, a glass of water poured into a little oil, oil is floating on the surface of the water. Therefore, wood wax oil and water-like paint can not be used together.
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