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    What is the side effect of Blu ray tooth whitening?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Blu ray tooth whitening is a kind of dental cosmetic procedure

    It is a combination of laser beam and bleaching agent, which is specially used to remove stains on the tooth surface and make the teeth white and bright

    In most cases, light itself does not whiten teeth, but speeds up the bleaching process so that chemicals react more effectively with the outer layer of enamel

    This means that chemicals do not need to be applied for a long time, so there are many benefits

    Most of the Blu ray tooth whitening process is done in the dental clinic, and by trained technicians

    Depending on personal circumstances, some people need four courses of treatment to see the whitening effect, others may be satisfied 1-2 times

    In the market, sometimes you can buy blue light teeth whitening suit, although it is considered safe, but it is not without risk

    Therefore, if you are interested in this type of tooth whitening, it is best to do some investigation in advance to understand the potential benefits and side effects

    The basic concept and main target teeth are an important part of appearance, and in some places, a white tooth is regarded as a symbol of health and beauty

    There are many reasons for the loss of whiteness and luster of adult teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea and red wine, which will cause tooth staining or yellowing

    In addition, smoking has a similar effect on teeth

    People try various ways to make their teeth white

    Bleaching cream for braces is the most common

    Increasing the blue light or laser beam can make the bleaching agent work more quickly and effectively

    The results of this whitening treatment vary from person to person, and the whitening degree of some teeth can be improved several grades after several courses of treatment

    The principle of Blu ray whitening teeth is usually carried out in the dental clinic, lasting about 1 hour

    The dentist first applied light sensitive cream to the teeth and then irradiated them with a blue laser beam

    It's ultraviolet light that speeds up chemical reactions and bleaching

    Dentists will also take some safety measures, such as gel protection for gums

    Family suits also include blue light products that can make teeth whitening at home, usually suits, which are much cheaper than professional whitening products

    However, it's best to consult a dentist before use, because this kind of product is not suitable for everyone

    Some tooth whitening products use more bleach and peroxide than recommended, which can cause damage to users

    The ADA only allows whitening products with a hydrogen peroxide content of less than 35%, and regulators around the world use similar standards

    In addition, not everyone can get satisfactory results with such products

    Potential defects and risks there are some side effects and risks in bleaching with tooth whitening products

    People with sensitive teeth may have severe pain reactions to bleach

    One way to relieve or prevent bleaching pain is to use sensitivity to reduce gel before Blu ray treatment

    Too much bleach can also cause gum irritation, uneven whitening and blue enamel

    In short, Blu ray tooth whitening is not a beauty program for everyone

    Dentists usually make recommendations based on personal circumstances.
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