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    What seasoning can replace chicken essence

    • Last Update: 2018-05-29
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    Introduction: monosodium glutamate and chicken essence are essential condiments in almost every family The main ingredient is sodium glutamate, but too much food will affect human health So what seasoning can replace chicken essence? Chicken essence contains sodium glutamate It is found that excessive consumption of sodium glutamate will affect human health So what seasoning can replace chicken essence? Dried mushroom powder is the best choice There are a lot of glutamic acid and aspartic acid in the dried mushroom These two amino acids have strong flavor, and they are combined in the form of protein in the mushroom, so they will not harm the human body At the same time, dried mushroom powder also contains other kinds of essential amino acids, which are rich in nutrition When used, the dried mushroom powder can be sprinkled in the cooking food to improve the freshness But its freshness is not as good as monosodium glutamate and chicken essence, so it can be increased appropriately when used In addition, it should be noted that the storage must be moisture-proof, otherwise the mushroom powder is not the powder, but the mushroom paste In addition, there are many seasonings to use Chicken powder with chicken juice can be fresh, but natural chicken juice and chicken powder should be used, so it is safer to eat Is chicken essence harmful to human body? In fact, chicken essence is not extracted from chicken, it is a kind of food additive, but formulated from chemical raw materials It is dangerous to eat chicken essence frequently It is better to eat less or not Now, the state has a food safety detector, which can measure 50 parameters of food on site To learn more about food additives, please come to Baibai safety net, welcome to learn Editor in charge: he xianrob
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