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    When choosing paint for home wear, how on earth should laymen choose?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-12
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    The rapid deterioration of the environment and more and more diseases caused by air pollution increase, "health", "green", "environmental protection" has become a topic that people attach great importance to in decoration, we will choose green materials in the selection of decoration materials, to avoid the pre-renovation of their own and family members of the body injury. But most people in the decoration is a layman, in the face of a lot of building materials market, in the paint should be how to choose, the following we will reveal one by one.
    Riley's business department randomly selected 1,000 people and conducted a survey showing that more than 56% of people consider themselves environmentalists, but 70% have no idea whether the various types of paints in the home improvement market are environmentally friendly; Coatings, water-based coatings, or inororable coatings are very unclear, more than 50% of the understanding of inororable coatings is almost 0, so in the choice of home paint to distinguish between oily, water-based, inorocuous coatings is particularly important, only understand the differences between the three coating areas, in order to avoid the trap of buying paint .
    by type of substing: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings. Organic coatings are divided into organic solvent-based coatings and organic water-based (including water-milk and water-soluble) coatings because of the different solvents they use. Common coatings in life are generally organic coatings. For inorder paint below these characteristics can better help consumers to make choices.
    chemical test
    1, such as the use of organic pigment, the experiment proved to be equivalent to 600 days after the color 50%-70% fading.
    2, mechanical surface bonding, bonding force according to the ratio of the polyester binders and different swelling coefficient is greater than 10-20 times the wall surface, so it is very easy to cause the paint caused by heat cracking off.
    3, 0.1-0.2 (standard per square meter wall body per half hour water seepage degree is less than 0.5KG.)
    4, waterproof air diffusion value (each gap should be less than 0.1mm, waterproof coefficient <0.05KG/Mxho0.5) 0.33-0.06 (non-respirable) is acidic nature, vulnerable to alkaline damage to the wall body, resulting in powdering and foaming phenomenon.
    5, organic ingredients to help microbacteria breeding, resulting in wall defaced.
    physical test
    1, there will be static electricity generated, easy to absorb dust, especially in the deep and wall cracks caused by pollution.
    2, very easy to crack, especially under the influence of high temperature and ultraviolet light, because of its different expansion coefficient substation, cotton brick is very easy to crack.
    3, only by polymer mechanically glued to the wall surface, and the expansion shrinkage coefficient is different from the wall body, the paint surface damage will lead to carbonation effect.
    also because organic coatings have a layer of breathable film, affected by the following factors will make the wall often store moisture and moisture:
    first is alkaline invasion;
    The second will reduce the adhesion force easy to fall off blisters,
    the third affects the wall structure, especially water-soluble lime, and then 2 to 3 years later will appear: moss, "spitting white", fading, accumulation of dirt, and even fall off.
    inorganic coating refers to coatings produced from inorganic polymeric materials, including water-soluble silicate, silicone, silicone and inorganic polymer systems. There is also an organic coating and inorganic paint in the decorative construction of the combination of each other, but the paint in the decoration is also the most not up to environmental standards, so people will be particularly careful when choosing, there are many kinds of market. And the real inorgeable coating is actually a very excellent performance of the
    01 environmental protection
    inorgeable coating substrate materials are often directly from nature, so the source is very rich. Its main components are potassium silicate, inorganic pigments, mineral fillers, etc. , so non-toxic, non-odor, non-irritating, no harm to the environment and human health. And inororable paint is not there to fall off will hurt people, injuries. Unlike ordinary latex paint, which is simply adhesive, it is a silicone penetration combination with the wall.
    02 breathability
    inorderable coating is waterproof and highly respirable, allowing the water inside the stone building to evaporate freely outwards, and has the filtering effect of alkali material to prevent the coating from foaming.
    03 fire flame retardant high
    Because this inorance coating is the same as cement mortar natural minerals, its temperature resistance is particularly good, not only at a high temperature of 1300 degrees C will not burn, but also has a natural fire retardant effect.
    04 fire flame retardant high
    due to inorganic coatings using natural inorganic pigments, compared with other organic products, performance is more stable, more weather-resistant, so that your naked eye can hardly recognize the color difference, in the service life of longer, longer lasting!
    from all aspects of the performance of inorderable materials, it is bound to be the preferred material for home improvement materials, this material let people use is also more assured.
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