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    Where is bean curd brain defoamer

    • Last Update: 2018-10-19
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    Introduction: bean curd brain is a high nutrition food made of soybean protein Similar to old tofu, where is tofu brain defoamer? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian Defoamer is very important for our food processing field Defoamer is very helpful for harmful foam So where is the tofu curd agent? Let's know about it with Xiaobian Xiaobian Beancurd brain defoamer can be purchased in daily life, but the quality is uneven It is recommended to purchase it in a good sales place and website, and the quality will be guaranteed In the production of food industry, especially in the processing of bean products, a small amount of foam is normal, but too much foam can cause heat spillage and fermentation spillover, resulting in waste and environmental pollution Adding defoamer to the heating pot or fermentor in food depends on the performance and diffusivity of defoamer Therefore, synthetic defoamer is commonly used Through mechanical agitation to increase the diffusion speed, or by adding carriers or dispersants, to promote the rapid dispersion of defoamers, defoamers belong to the third category in the classification of food additives in China Under normal circumstances, the state allows the addition of antifoam in bean products, but it needs to be used within the dosage standard specified by the state, if excessive use will bring harm to human body If the defoamer used is not an edible defoamer, but an industrial defoamer, because its purity is not high, and contains heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, it is very harmful to human health Lead is a kind of accumulated metal, which will cause chronic lead poisoning and harm to nervous system, blood system, cardiovascular system, bone system, etc.; while arsenic will cause changes of human nervous system, such as numbness of hands and feet, weakness of limbs, etc For bean curd and other products or other food, the defoamer used must be the defoamer for consumption, and the dosage should not exceed the standard, so that the defoamer can be eaten, without harm to human body Our country should also issue relevant policies, laws and regulations to control the use of food additives and avoid affecting human health The above is the introduction of tofu brain defoamer If you want to know more about the impact of defoamer on tofu brain and other relevant food safety knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the relevant common sense column of Baibai safety net Editor in charge: Wang Xiaoli
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