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    Where is the development of room temperature cheese sticks?

    • Last Update: 2022-09-01
    • Source: Internet
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    At a time when the competition for low-temperature products is fierce, more and more companies have announced the launch of room temperature cheese sticks to make efforts in third- and fourth-tier cities

    Enterprises turn to room temperature cheese sticks

    Cheese sticks have become a very fast-growing sub-category in the dairy product field in recent years.

    Compared with low-temperature cheese sticks, the company claims that room-temperature cheese sticks have many technological breakthroughs.

    "Actually, the rise of room temperature cheese sticks is similar to the rise of room temperature yogurt, and both do not need to be stored at low temperature, which solves some of the pain points of low temperature products and reduces various restrictions on production, logistics, and transportation, and room temperature cheese sticks can be eaten at any time.

    Wang Dingmian, the principle of China Dairy Association and the former president of Guangzhou Dairy Association, said that in terms of production technology, due to the needs of taste and shelf life, normal temperature products and low temperature products may have slightly different production ingredients, such as At room temperature, the protein is easy to deteriorate, and the taste is difficult to be the same as that of low-temperature products.

    No need for cold chain to show total cost advantage

    At present, the normal temperature cheese sticks launched by the company mainly focus on the concept of "supplementing calcium".

    Regarding the price of cheese sticks at room temperature, Song Liang said that in the case of the same content of cheese, in terms of production cost, considering factors such as packaging, the production cost of room temperature products is 5% higher than that of low temperature cheese sticks.

    Focus on the layout of the third- and fourth-tier markets

    The company has launched a high-profile room temperature cheese stick, but the online and offline markets may not be convenient to buy

    Miao Ke Lan Duo recently stated on the investor interaction platform that in order to enrich and improve the product matrix, the company's room temperature cheese sticks have been launched into the market one after another.

      "Why can't you see normal-temperature cheese sticks in Beijing? The reason is that compared with low-temperature products, its market positioning is different.

      In response to the difficulty of seeing normal-temperature cheese sticks online, Song Liang believes that the focus of enterprises is now on offline sales, and the online market will not be done for the time being

    The future should take into account taste and nutrition

      In an industry research report recently released by Industrial Securities, experts predict that room temperature cheese will play an incremental role in the entire Chinese cheese market

      Industry experts suggest that in the current era of fierce competition for cheese sticks, in order to truly achieve differentiated competition, it is necessary to base on consumer demand and make changes according to demand, such as product differentiation through technology upgrades and quality upgrades

      Wang Dingmian said that whether it is a low-temperature or normal-temperature product, the amount of cheese added to children's cheese sticks is generally not high at present.

      Song Liang believes that the current room temperature cheese stick is a snack product, and enterprises should promote product innovation and upgrading

      (Meng Gang)


      "China Food News" (07 edition on January 4, 2022)

      (Editor in charge: Zhu Meiqiao)




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