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    Which brand is best for nattokinase? The efficacy and function of nattokinase, not suitable for the population

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Natabe, many people have eaten a kind of food, very delicious, small editor also eat Oh! Natto is usually produced at the time of production, fermentation process will produce a serine protease "natto kinase", this protease has the role of dissolving blood clots, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, some people may not have heard of it, but it does nare, today small editor to introducenattokinase which brand is the best? The efficacy and function of nattokinase should not be suitable for the populationspan style":#E53333,"which brand is best for nattokinase?in fact, each brand is similar, small editor can not say which brand is the best, can only say that the key lies in everyone's needs, different needs, so good brand is not necessarilyThe following small editor to recommend a few brands, for your reference, come together to see it!brand one: Japan ResearchJapan Institute of Biological Sciences is engaged in the research of natto bacteria one of the earliest manufacturers, and the world's first use of natto kinase production of natto capsules manufacturers, can be called the father of natto capsulesJapanese natto kinase capsules are dietary supplements with natto powder and nattokinase as the main ingredientsThe contained nattokinase component has the effect of dissolving blood clots, reducing blood viscosity, improving blood circulation, softening blood vessels, and increasing vascular elasticitybrand two: CornbeyCornbey has been brand operation as the company's basic strategy, through years of continuous investment and system operation, its continued commitment to modern plant health care and pharmaceutical innovation and development, in the process of promoting the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, is committed to making Cornbei one of China's most brand value pharmaceutical enterprises and the world's plant medicine leaderbrand three: ZhongqiChina toykinase capsule is based on the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Institute of Life Sciences as a technical basis, at the same time, through nano-micromolecule-ultra-vacuum secondary quantitative separation technology, the bioactive ingredients in the cocoon body extracted purification, refined into nattokinase co-protein capsulesbrand four: Jin OriJin Ori brand natto red song capsule is a selection of green organic soybeans and red rice as raw materials, more natural nutrition, safer, natto and red rice strong combination, in the blood fat at the same time regulate cholesterol, effectively inhibit the absorption and synthesis of cholesterolNatto is the only natural health food in the world with the rapid dissolution of blood clots, the removal of blood vessel waste, and the regulation of blood lipids brand five: Jinle live Jinle live natto kinase containing nattokinase 2 million FU / 100g, finished 2000FU / grain, no nuttoe odor, no radon and soybean isoflon, removed vitamin K2 from natto, kinase at normal temperature can be preserved for more than 24 months, soft capsule double-layer technology packaging, to prevent gastric acid erosion brand six: NSSK NSSK nattokinase is currently on the market 1 grain containing high content of nattokinase a product, 1 day 1 grain, 1 bottle 31 grain, just to meet the consumption of 1 month, in addition to it also obtained the elimination of vitamin K2 (vitamin K2 has a clotting effect, anti-reaction to the thrombosis) patented technology and the removal of radon, so for patients with blood clots and high uinunate, can be at ease with blood clotting and high uinthetic brand 7: Gongno Miyano nonar kinase tablets are Guangdong Shuangjun biotechnology production, large manufacturers are strong, or Asia's important kinase production export base, so can be assured to take, tablets are very smooth but no sugar slow release tablets, each tablet containing nanokinase 130mg, twice a day can be taken, very convenient brand eight: The -Plessler One of the largest and most comprehensive health care companies in the United States Its nattokinase on various types of osteoporosis has special effects, significantly increase bone density, improve bone pressure, anti-break and pull ability, vitamin k supplementation, can help the body to absorb calcium, prevent osteoporosis It also has significant effects on osteoporosis in postmenopausal women brand nine: Vitality Taiwan's authoritative medical institutions set up a special medical research team for three years to carry out a three-year experiment of nattokinase and red crank, the experimental results show that people who take nattokinase and red crank formula than only people who take nattokinase, in the lysobolic fat reduction has a better effect brand ten: purple one purple one nattokinase red crank capsule, by the authority of the medical institutions set up a special medical research team for three years to carry out a three-year experiment of nattokinase and red crank, to draw the results of the person taking nattokinase and red citric formula than only people who take nattokinase, in the solute fat reduction has a better effect span style": "color: #E53333;" what are the efficacy and effects of the nattokinase? mainly have the following six effects and roles efficacy: dissolve blood clots, prevent and improve cardiovascular diseases, the three efficacy has been recognized by the Fda efficacy effect two: to prevent the treatment of hypertension, reduce blood viscosity, clean the inner wall of the blood vessels neutral fat, to keep blood vessels smooth, elastic increase, blood circulation accelerated effect three: antioxidant, anti-fatigue, delay aging, prevention of Alzheimer's disease Nattokinase is particularly antioxidant, 20 times more vitamin C and 50 times more vitamin E efficacy four: Natabean is probiotics, regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal scavenger efficacy effect five: improve women's menopausal syndrome efficacy effect six: liver protection, detoxifying wine span style": "color: #E53333;"What are the unsuitable populations for nattokinase?" the following five groups of people are not suitable to eat nattokinase: population one: patients with serious stomach disease The radon content in nattokinase is relatively high, which has the effect of promoting the secretion of gastric fluid, and the dietary fiber in natto will also cause some mechanical damage to the gastric mucosa Therefore, those suffering from peptic ulcers, acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis patients are not suitable for the consumption of nattokinase population two: patients with kidney disease Natto contains a higher non-essential amino acids, rather than essential amino acids for nephritis, renal failure and kidney dialysis patients are very disadvantageous, so should try not to eat the patient son of gout Gout disease in most cases is caused by the metabolic disorder of radon, and the nutmegin contains more radon, so gout patients in their daily lives are best to try to eat some natto population four: patients with acute pancreatitis When acute pancreatitis attack, the patient is strictly prohibited from eating all food that can stimulate the stomach fluid and pancreatic fluid secretion And because natto can play a role in promoting gastric fluid secretion, so it is not suitable for consumption crowd five: The wound is not healing Nattokinase is strong lying against blood clotting, if given to patients who have just been out of surgery or if the wound has not healed, it is very easy to cause bleeding wound, so in the case of the wound is not healed, the consumption of nattokinase should also be banned above is the introduction of the small editor nattokinase which brand is the best? Natto kinase effect and role, not suitable for the crowd , here small friendship to remind everyone, although natto kinase for human health can play a great role, but if you suffer from the five major diseases described in the text is not suitable for more consumption, otherwise it will lead to some other diseases will not be lost
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