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    WHO monitors "Miao" variants of new coronavirus

    • Last Update: 2021-09-10
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    WHO monitors "Miao" variants of new coronavirus
    Its vaccine tolerance may be higher
    WHO monitoring new virus crown "Miao" mutant WHO surveillance crown new virus "Bartholomew" variantsof its vaccine tolerance may be higher that the vaccine may be more tolerant of its vaccine tolerance may be higher

    Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, September 2 (Reporter Liu Xia ) According to reports from the British "New Scientist" magazine website and the US "Capitol Hill" website on the 1st, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated in the weekly bulletin on the new crown epidemic on Tuesday that this year The new variant of the new coronavirus "Miao" (μ), which was first discovered in Colombia in January, may have high vaccine tolerance and can escape the immunity brought by previous infections or vaccination, so it has been listed as "interested" Variants" and will carry out further monitoring

    Liu Xia

    "Miao" (B.
    621) was first discovered in Colombia, and currently there are records of confirmed cases in South America and Europe

    According to the WHO, the "Miao" variant has mutations that indicate the "potential properties of immune escape", which means that current vaccines are less effective against it

    The communiqué stated that since scientists first discovered the'Miao' variant in Colombia in January 2021, some sporadic confirmed cases have been reported, and some countries in South America and Europe have also reported some larger outbreaks

    Although the global prevalence of the'Mu' variant in sequenced cases has declined and is currently less than 0.

    According to WHO's standards, "variety of interest" refers to that the variant possesses genetic mutations that can affect the ability of the virus to spread, the severity of symptoms, and immune escape

    It is different from "focusing on variants", which refers to variants that can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of public health strategies, vaccines, or therapies

    The WHO stated: "'Miao' is considered a'variant of interest' because it has some special mutations, and we need to study their potential impact on the human immune response

    The data shared by the WHO Virus Evolution Working Group shows that through previous infections or The immunity generated by vaccination may not be as strong as the original strain against this variant, and further research is needed to confirm this

    According to the US "Capitol Hill" website, "Miao" is the fifth "interesting variant" listed by the WHO.
    Other "interesting variants" include Eta, Iota, and Kappa.
    And lambda

    Lambda was first discovered in Peru, South America, and Yota was first discovered in the United States in November last year

    At present, the WHO has classified 4 new coronavirus variants as “variants of concern”: Alpha variants that have appeared in 193 countries, Beta variants that have appeared in 141 countries, Gamma variants that have appeared in 91 countries, and 170 countries.
    Delta variants that appeared

    The WHO listed the delta variant as a "variety of interest" in early April and listed it as a "variety of interest" on May 11

    Focus on the new crown pneumonia epidemic
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