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    Whose tears are flying when the tide of drug procurement hits?

    • Last Update: 2020-11-01
    • Source: Internet
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    Text . . Green shirt Lei fell an autumn rain a cold, the national drug belt procurement like this cold weather, swept through Shenzhou.
    In particular, Chongqing Union, Anhui, Shandong belt procurement of fast horse whipping, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi Group procurement, Jiangsu belt procurement and other provinces of the frequency accelerated, the vast majority of regions have set off a bidding hurricane.
    at the same time, the classification of procurement round by step, the price through the bottom step alarm.
    Pharmaceutical companies in the face of complex and changeable pharmaceutical market, love and hate, confusion interwoven, especially the price of drugs like a broken kite, can not see the end of the price reduction, this is really the old saying: I would like to work together for a lifetime white head, who thought, you secretly put your head oil ... ... During the period, but also mixed with the national regional bidding mad phenomenon: there are tender consultation calls have not been answered, or answer the phone often care about his: "Please take the document as the standard, please take the notice as the first, please take the latest requirements of the official website as the standard."
    the bidders questioned whether they had called the voice self-service system.
    it is said that everyone in the world has two choices: busy living or dying, while the tender king creatively invented a third option: busy waiting to die.
    As a tender king, from chicken barking to dog barking, this must also be based on the tender documents, interpretation, requirements do not exhaust brain cells, if slightly more complex, drug tenderers estimate that this month down, even if not dead, estimated to be only half a life.
    , in the face of the drug market, the tender kings fearless, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, in favor of the tiger mountain line.
    You tender jun to gradually form a number of good habits, as follows: 1, in the face of any request for price reduction, no matter when and where are firmly not to say "why, how, where" cool words.
    to start from the overall situation, if someone questioned the tender proposal, to seriously refute, never compromise, cite the code, a righteous.
    2, walking like a storm, walking 50% faster than usual, even if the tender procurement has been reduced by 50%, body language should be healthy and powerful, not lazy, depressed.
    To participate in the tender opinions and industry analysis meeting, never put forward comments, but to concentrate, overbearing side leakage, double-sided care, face with false smile, clapping, clapping, and then clapping, the Yangtze River palm pushed the front palm, the palm refined into a cactus.
    3, for each office in the dark wind high night, agreed on Friday night or holiday hands-on notice, announcement, and the submission of complaints across the midnight, weekend special requirements, to deeply understand.
    because the weekend night notice is a particularly warm moved music, reliable, reliable, too reliable, directly rely on the five-line score.
    4, if I do the above habits, it means that there is style, if there is no style, at least there is air, if there is no air, at least there is a degree, if there is no scale, then live to be oversized.
    the end of the road is short, do not complain about thin cool.
    All over the volume of procurement, volume price, price-for-volume, but price-for-volume is by no means a big price reduction in exchange for the stock market of 50% 60% off, such tenderness is confusing, can not help but make people want to sing a song "your tenderness I will never understand" - your tenderness I will never understand (with volume purchase) I give you volume, you always say not I really pain what kind of tender use does not have to pay what is the way to come down Is beautiful mistake I low price mark but not happiness your tenderness I never understand I can't see the volume clearly your price reduction I never understand the feeling into the drop fog your tenderness I never understand the inter-provincial alliance is not home to your tenderness I never understand I wait to drop 50 points start your tenderness I never understand the volume of procurement can't understand your price reduction I never understand my feeling more and more confused your tenderness I never understand 500 varieties which is the return of your tenderness I never understand the price reduction I never understand
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