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    Why do you "surprise" live insects in milk powder?

    • Last Update: 2022-09-23
    • Source: Internet
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    After the heat, some small bugs often appear in the baby's ration - milk powder
    How do the little bugs "exploit the loophole" to run into the milk powder?

    Zhong Kai, director of the Science and Technology Food and Health Information Exchange Center, said in an interview with the China Consumer Daily reporter that in most cases, the live insects in the milk powder are caused by
    improper storage after opening.
    For example, the outer packaging is damaged, the lid is not covered tightly, the bag is not sealed, and the small bugs sneak in without attention during the process of picking and

    From the production link, regular milk powder production enterprises have anti-insect measures, including factory site selection, control of temperature and humidity in the factory area, control of air flow, and installation of wind curtains to block the entry of flying insects
    Not only that, the milk powder production line is highly automated, most of the milk powder production lines are fully enclosed, and bugs have almost no chance to enter

    According to the requirements of national standards, the moisture in infant milk powder should not exceed 5%, and many milk powders are drier
    than this.
    Not only that, in order to ensure the shelf life of the product, the milk powder packaging is usually filled with inert gases
    such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen.
    In such a dry and oxygen-deficient environment, it is difficult for insects to survive, let alone hatch eggs and reproduce offspring

    In fact, the common insects in milk powder are often typical storage pests in the family, such as saw grain thieves, red grain thieves, etc.
    , mostly found in rice, noodles and miscellaneous grains
    at home.
    The high incidence of consumer complaints about insects in milk powder is also mainly concentrated in summer and autumn, which is when
    pests are most active in the home.

    Not only milk powder, but also the reason for the occurrence of other food pests, such as chocolate, biscuits and pastries, etc.
    , all have a common feature - sweet and delicious and nutritious, and insects love it the most

    Live insects can sneak in on their own, but how do the dead worms in the milk powder get in?

    Zhong Kai said that although bugs can enter the milk powder package after being damaged or opened, it can not imagine that the water shortage environment in the milk powder can is not suitable for survival, and it wants to escape and cannot find an exit, and finally can only be trapped in the
    "desert" of milk powder.

    Of course, if the product has been completely exposed to the air and the storage environment is relatively humid, it is still possible for bugs to survive and even reproduce
    in it.
    This is also the reason why there are clumps or flocs in the milk powder of
    the worms.
    Therefore, the milk powder worm is not too cunning, mainly people are too careless

    So, how to avoid bugs invading milk powder? Zhong Kai advises consumers to pay attention to the following four points:

    Check the appearance carefully before opening and using
    Jars or bags are not recommended for children even if they are only slightly damaged
    The carton is easy to absorb moisture, mold and insects, and the whole box of milk powder bought home is best to remove the carton

    Milk powder is taken and used as soon as it is used, and it is covered strictly
    in time.
    If the bagged milk powder is not sealed, it is recommended to find another sealable jar to pack, so that moisture-proof and insect-proof

    Keep the place where the milk powder is stored clean and tidy, do not mix with rice noodles, snacks and other insect-prone foods, and do not store them near the pool or green plants to avoid bugs falling into it
    during the process of access.

    Do not take the milk powder under the light, because the light is easy to attract small flying insects

    Purchase milk powder
    through regular supermarkets, maternal and infant chain stores, brand official online stores and other channels.
    Logistics, warehousing and transportation through these channels are more secure, reducing packaging damage
    due to improper transportation and other reasons.
    (Edited by Li Chuang)

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