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    Xiao Ruiping: Through the last kilometer of translational medicine.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-19
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    Guide: Xiao Ruiping has been working in the field of translational medicine for many years, and she is also one of the pioneers of translational medicineIn June, Bayer, a multinational drugmaker, announced that it would launch a Bayer-MassConnect Asia program with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Commission to train pharmaceutical start-ups in Asia, particularly in China, to accelerate the development of treatments to address unmet medical needsthis move undoubtedly reveals the changes in the domestic pharmaceutical innovation environmentIn the view of Xiao Ruiping, co-founder of Rui, the attention of multinational pharmaceutical companies to Chinese pharmaceutical companies is inevitable for China's pharmaceutical industry to flourishLooking back at Bayer's past drug development experience, a turnaround has largely highlighted the relationship with its global licensing agreement with Bayer in April 2019" Bayer, which was one of the first multinationals to enter China at the time, never authorized its IP to local drug companiesWe are the first Chinese pharmaceutical company to receive Bayer's exclusive global rights)Xiao Ruiping said of the signingBased on the results of animal tests, Xiao Ruiping decided that the monoantipod has a good drug-based foundation and application prospects, so he urged its cooperation with Bayer, said he is confident that the drug "fix into positive results."before, Xiao Ruiping has been working in the field of translational medicine for many years, she is also one of the pioneers of translational medicineWhether it's a senior research fellow at the NIH (National Institutes of Health), a deputy editor of NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine), founding director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Peking University, and co-founder of Rui, Xiao's identity has always revolved around the different stages of translational medicine practiceWhy dohave such a mind about translational medicine? To answer this question, you need to go back to Xiao Ruiping's overseas study and work experienceTime to the starting point, even she did not expect, overseas this stay is more than 20 yearsProfessor Xiao Ruiping,,director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Peking University and founder of Rui Medicine, from quantitative change to qualitative change for more than 20 years
    in 1988, Xiao Ruiping received a master's degree in medicine from Tongji Medical University and entered Peking University for a doctorate In the same year, she traveled to the United States, first to the University of Puerto Rico University of Medicine to do research, and then in 1990 to the NIH for postdoctoral research, which led to the forefront of biomedical research like fish and water - this is the intuitive feeling that environmental change brings to Xiao Ruiping "I especially like to deal with people, then suddenly feel that there are a lot of good people around, we have different cultures, skills, personality, and be able to like a rainbow to complement each other, I feel that their spiritual life and the pursuit of knowledge and other aspects are very helpful." 2003, she was promoted to NIH Senior Fellow, the highest academic title of NIH, and a tenured position, and in 2006 she was awarded the NIH's first Consultant Fellow of Female Scientists , the United States and the NIH are particularly warm and friendly to young people who are interested in scientific research, "as long as you work hard you can pursue a wonderful scientific life." In the case of NIH alone, its institutional and funding systems are huge, with each research institute and research centre with its own planning office for independent strategic planning 2003, the NIH, aware of the importance and urgency of translating scientific research results into practical applications, proposed the "NIHroadmap for medical research" for the 21st century, providing a concrete guide and layout for the development of global biomedicine To further optimize resource allocation, NIH also launched the organization-wide strategic plan NIH-Wide Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2016-2020: Turning DiscoveryInto Health, in 2015, to continue to drive the translation of basic research into clinical practice to address new challenges to human health "I think the best thing about this 20 years has been that I've had a sense of mass change in my life." Xiao Ruiping recalled Although the educational environment received in China is not bad, but from high school to college experience can not answer her biggest confusion: "I learn a body, in the end why?" What should I do to make my life truly valuable? Sometimes, the domestic study can easily become 'self-entertainment', one exam after another seems to be very full, but to the top of the school, this inner emptiness will be released Therefore, after entering Peking University, Xiao Ruiping came up with the idea of going abroad, hoping to learn about the whole story to the western origin of modern medicine more than 20 years of studying in NIH, with the academic background of medicine and molecular biology, Xiao Ruiping has long been engaged in cardiovascular disease drug target research, found the important role of beta 2 epinephrine receptors, presided over the development of a new class of new drug R, R-Fenoteandand and other beta 2 epinephrine receptor agonists, overturning the current concept of the widespread use of heart failure treatment beta 1 epinephrine receptor blocker, proposed beta 2 epinephrine receptor for better treatment, and beta 2 epinephrine receptor sedatives After the target confirmation, small molecule drug synthesis, drug screening, animal experiments, technology transformation, until participating in clinical trials of this drug development complete route NIH this study and research experience so that Xiao Ruiping's scientific literacy and outlook on life have been "quality" changes: on the one hand, the study environment to the origin of scientific problems, so that its basic ability to think and solve problems to be improved, more able to grasp the essence of things; the "First Global Conference on Frontier Synoping in Biomedicine" Professor Xiao Ruiping in the conference report and its Rui: The Last Kilometer of Sprint Translational Medicine
    and its Rui yu Xiao Ruiping, is a new chapter in the life of medicine In the course of the interview, Xiao Ruiping clearly expressed his devotion to entrepreneurship To some extent, it is understood that this spirit is linked to the idea of how to translate scientific results into products 2010, seven years after winning the NIH's top academic title, Mr Xiao decided to step down from his tenure and return home to "do something meaningful." This coincided with the year (2003) in which Xiao Ruiping became a senior NIH researcher and NIH announced "Roadmap" March 2004, Peking University approved the establishment of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, headed by Xiao Ruiping "I learned about China's national conditions and the prevalence of chronic disease in China, and put enormous pressure on health care With all this in mind, you can slowly figure out what I'm going to do "Actually, I've been asking myself for decades: What can I do? What do I want to do? Is it necessary for the country to do something, is it contributing to humanity? Back in China, this sense of certainty is becoming more and more clear "
    what makes Xiao Ruiping sure is that "the future of translational medicine in China" has become a key question to be answered As we all know, molecular biology is mainly studied in the molecular level of the basic theory, but medicine is different, the latter span is very large The transformation from molecule to medicine also means that the difficulties that need to be overcome vary "For example, there's a genetic disease in the clinic, and I've found the genes that cause it, and I've modeled a mouse to test the relationship between disease and genes, from molecule to medicine," explains Xiao Ruiping Then from the clinical metatype, and can return to a specific molecule, which is actually forward, reverse through Beyond that, medicine is not just about diagnosis, not just knowing the mechanism of the disease, you've got to solve the problem in the end, which involves small molecule drugs, antibodies, vaccines, or devices, and in short, implements them into a product "
    adheretod to the concept of "transformational medicine", Xiao Ruiping finally contributed to the birth of his Rui "The article is written again well, can not return to disease treatment, still can not solve the problem, will not benefit patients." Therefore, there needs to be a bridge between the transformational medicine Shaw added that it is not only focused on results transformation, but also focused on the development of global First-in-Class drugs And to improve the success rate of First-in-Class drug research and development is based on its one-stop translational medicine platform and its one-stop translational medicine platform It is worth mentioning that, with its Rui-Beijing University Joint Non-Human Primate (NHP) Research Center has been the first Domestic University AAALAC international authoritative certification, also has the world's only rhesus monkey functional genomics database It was with the latter that it completed the functional validation of the monoantithing resistance to Bayer's targeted prolactin (PRL) receptors - a drug that effectively promotes the growth of the hair of elderly redmas, and after six months of treatment, the number of hairs in the hair loss area nearly doubled, even in areas that had previously been nearly completely bald, and the effect continued for more than four years after the drug was discontinued - which led Bayer to transfer its development interest in the drug " hair loss is just one of its indications, and the new target PRLR of HMI-115 antibody selection has many potential developments, such as endometriosis, lymphosarin disease and other autoimmune diseases Xiao Ruiping revealed that the above indications have completed the development of clinical Phase I , in addition, it has also developed innovative pipelines in various fields such as diabetic foot (DFU), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and has been validated by the NHP platform for First-in-Class drugs On a schedule, HMI-115, which treats lymphatic fibroids, is first expected to be approved for sale in 2024 and its Core Pipeline when asked about the impact of the new crown outbreak, Xiao Ruiping admitted that its research process is still on schedule "But it is true that there are a lot of small companies in the impact of the outbreak, the capital chain broke, and ultimately can not go down What's interesting is that these small companies are lying in tigers and dragons, and there are a lot of people with international experience to join them, which is an unexpected gain Xiao Ruiping shared currently, and its Swiss to promote b round of financing Mr Xiao believes that adequate funding is essential Capital ensures that companies get through the storm and attract talent, which will ultimately accelerate the progress of research and development and product transformation interlaced "reason", the scientist's AB face for many researchers, starta a company is a threshold, and in the face of this new crown outbreak, "looking for money" becomes another need to break through the fence But this confusion has not been revealed in Xiao Ruiping "," to be honest, the process has been more of a surprise Xiao Ruiping further responded, "I think people have to be exposed to new things every day if they want to grow." If I were always in this scientific work, doing what I was particularly good at, I would not be able to acquire new knowledge, new skills, new horizons I feel to do financing and management, all of a sudden gave me a new world and scenery in fact, this mentality has become routine long before he stayed in the United States A little attention can be found that the domestic mainstream view of a scientific researcher's portrayal of the image, it is difficult to put on Xiao Ruiping: on the one hand, she believes in the "10,000-hour law", this kind of effort and investment is essential for scientific research; if you want to talk about the things that he will miss most when he returns home, it's probably one of the things that friends often meet in the yard "When the sun sets, I chat with two or three friends in my backyard with a glass of wine, for two or three hours, and even when it's completely dark, I think it's really a kind of peace that money and status can't buy, a completely relaxing peace." There's always a lot of inspiration at that time, and it's going to be a very clear picture of things like your research The process is not a time-wasting as it seems, but a high degree of refinement, Mr Xiao said of course, contact with new things is not entirely comfortable, which also faces a number of challenges, become neJM deputy editor-in-chief is an example In Xiao Ruiping's own words, this is equivalent to "another PhD and a full-time clinical study." For a long time after 2013, Shaw had to travel frequently to meetings and sometimes to Boston for training, and the workload was so great that it even once influenced the idea of creation and the idea of rui , driven by Xiao Ruiping, was officially released in 2016 Chinese electronic weekly NEJM Medical Frontiers This also means that not only Chinese scholars can keep pace with the latest and most important developments in medical innovation in the world, but also help to promote outstanding local clinical research results out of China and enhance the international voice of Chinese medical research In July this year, at the 2nd Global Conference on Frontier Technology and Policy and Regulation in Biomedicine, NEJM Medical Frontiers will also sign a field contract with the same idea to jointly help the development of pharmaceutical innovation in China NEJM's resume is good for the creation of new drugs "When I see cutting-edge research methods in the world, I'm more confident as a pharmaceutical company, and I know what the highest international standards are, and it's better to be able to practice it and transformitmedicine." Xiao Ruiping added when asked about the time balance between doing research and starting a business, Mr Xiao said the two were interlaced Scientific research has a clear time node, but entrepreneurship needs to be strictly limited, development cycle, clinical time, team building these are "hard goals", management should be more compact Xiao Ruiping's final answer was philosophical: "The goal is the starting point, but it is also the end." The final acceptance of the work is your goal, you reach the goal did not, this is the key to the problem "
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