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    Yili Secretary resigns: Hu Liping served as Secretary of Yili shares for 13 years, Chairman Pan Gang acting as secretary-general

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    On December 3rd, with two years left in his term, Yili's secretary Hu Liping resigned from the company's important position and continued to serve as vice president and director of the company, with the chairman temporarily replaced by Pan Gang, chairmanHu Liping served as the secretary of Yili shares for 13 years, the appointment of the secretary and the resignation of the secretary of the time node is more interesting, because the day before the resignation of "Out of The Ulan" author Liu Chengkun just out of prison to go homeHu Liping's resignation from the post of Secretary also triggered speculation, some think that Yili shares of the secretary of the office is really difficult to do, nearly half a hundred years of Hu Liping tired, to make a position to new people, there is also speculation that Yili shares after the estimated big move, because the resignation of Dong secret is often a signal that many listed companies have big thingsYili Chairman Pan Gang will temporarily act as the company's director of the responsibility, which is probably the most cattle in The history of Yili's secretary!1, Pan Gang temporary acting director of the responsibility of Secretary YiliDecember 4, Yili suddenly announced that the company's board of directors received the company's board of directors Secretary MrHu Liping submitted a written resignation, MrHu Liping for work reasons to resign the company's board of directors secretaryYili announced that during the period of the vacancy of secretary of the board of directors, MrPan Gang, chairman of the company, will temporarily act as secretary of the board of directorsThe board of directors of the company will appoint the secretary of the board of directors as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant provisionsby the chairman Pan Gang temporary director of the responsibility, in the nonsense, it is probably the most cattle in the history of Yili, although it is "temporary."public information shows that MrHu, 48, has been working as Yili's secretary since March 2005According to the 2017 Annual Report, MrHu is also a director and vice president of Yiliresigned from the secretary of the Secretary, Yili replied to Hu said that Hu Liping's current other positions continue to perform 2, resigned the gold medal secretary nearly 2 billion as a secretary of the office for 13 years, Hu Liping has also been selected by the new fortune magazine "gold secretary" title in recent years, with Erie's rapid growth, its executive pay is enviable Yili's 2017 annual report shows that Chairman Pan Gang's 2017 pre-tax salary was RMB14.8656 million, while Hu Liping's pre-tax salary was RMB3.584.182 million, ranking 20th on the 2017 China A-share compensation list, while the first was Vanke A,000 yuan However, the annual salary is nothing for Mr Hu, who is also The eighth-largest shareholder in Yili, which owns 7934.0536 million shares in Yili, and Mr Yili's high dividendovers over the years According to Yili's 2017 dividend plan alone, each 10 shares of the dividend of 7 yuan (including tax), last year, Hu Liping near dividend reached more than 55 million yuan of course, this is nothing, according to Yili's closing price of 24.06 yuan at noon today, Hu Liping's stake market value is also nearly 2 billion yuan And the temporary acting chairman of the board of directors, Pan Gang holding nearly three times the number of shares of Hu Liping, Pan Gang's value is obviously Also Hu Liping can not be compared next, who will officially serve as Secretary of Erie? Source: Dong Meiyuan
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