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    Yuanli Technology IPO, the largest paint raw material MDBE manufacturer in China, was pre-disclosed

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    On the evening of March 6, the CSRC announced that Shandong Yuanli Technology Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of MDBE in China, would be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The total share price after this issue shall not exceed 108.64 million shares.
    according to the prospecto, Yuanli Technology raised 338 million yuan for the first time, mainly for the "30,000 tons / year fat alcohol project", raising 188 million yuan; "Research and development center construction project", raising 50 million yuan; "Supplementary liquidity" to raise 10 million yuan. according to the
    prospectine, the fund-raising investment project revolves around the company's current main business, extending in the field of fine chemical products, expanding the company's product area, enhancing the company's business development capabilities and profitability, in order to enhance the company's overall competitive strength and achieve the company's basic development strategy. However, the project feasibility analysis is based on the current market environment, existing technology base and competitive advantage and other factors, the company is still faced with future market environment changes, management level and production capacity is not suitable and other uncertainties, and may have a certain impact on the progress of project construction, actual income, there is a risk that the company can not achieve the expected level of profitability.
    According to the introduction, Yuanli Technology was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in fine chemical research and development and production of large-scale private enterprises, is China's fine chemical industry base (Changle) key enterprises, Weifang City Industrial Top 100 enterprises, Shandong Province high-tech enterprises, Shandong Province patent star enterprises, Shandong Province innovative demonstration enterprises. Mainly engaged in xylene, toluene, high boiling point solvents, such as production, sales and above products import and export business.
    company has three main series of products: Zhongxinol refining and its ester products, binary acid methamphetamine synthesis and its separation refining series (MDBE series), extraction distillation coking crude benzene refining products. Among them, binary methamphetide is widely used in
    carbon coatings
    , colored steel plate
    , canning coatings, lacquer coatings and home appliances paint, furniture
    wood coatings
    and other products; Both PDO and HDO are downstream of the hedic acid industry and can be used to produce a range of new fine chemicals, and are increasingly used in
    uv coatings
    , polyester and other fields, although mainly in UV coatings, polyester and plasticizers. In recent years, its market consumption in UV coatings accounted for more than 30%; Second, polyester, plasticizers and other fields. Consumption in the PDO and HDO markets was 11,000 tons in 2009 and grew to about 18,000 tons in 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 13.3%.
    revenues in 2012, 2013 and 2014 were RMB83,062.01 million, RMB88,406.96 million and RMB98,273.16 Net profit was RMB44.4107 million, RMB45.1662 million and RMB30.7164 million, respectively, with net profit in 2014 down 31.99 percent year-on-year. The company's net profit in 2014 compared with 2013 has a greater degree of decline, mainly due to the impact of the global economic downturn, one of the company's main products benzene products downstream demand, and due to the sharp decline in crude oil prices, domestic petroleum benzene prices fell sharply, driving the domestic price of coking benzene fell sharply, domestic hydrocarbon prices from the beginning of the year 9,250 yuan / ton to the end of December about 5,500 yuan / ton, a decline of more than 40%. The sharp decline in the price of benzene products has led to a significant decline in the gross margin of the company's benzene products.
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