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    $20 billion Asthma/COPD Drug Market Overview

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Asthma/COPD) are two common respiratory chronic diseases that often require long-term medication and are more affected in quality of lifeIt is estimated that there are approximately 334 million cases of asthma and 328 million COPD patients worldwideAmong them, asthma is good in children and adolescents, COPD is better in the elderly, and affected by smokingAsthma and COPD have more similarities in terms of symptoms and clinical use, requiring the use of bronchodilators (beta 2 epinephrine receptor agonists, Mcholine receptor blockers and theobases) and anti-inflammatory drugs (glucocorticoids, anti-white triene drugs)In addition, in the case of allergic asthma and eosinophilic asthma, a number of monototherapy drugs have been approved in recent yearsAccording to the Pharmacopeia Cube, total global sales of asthma/COPD drugs in 2018 and 2019 were approximately US$21.7 billion and US$22.8 billion, respectively, showing a steady growth trendThe asthma/COPD market will reach $26 billion by 2020, according to CorevianSource: Corporate Earnings, Pharmamagic Rubik's Cube Currently, the global asthma/COPD drug market is dominated by GSK, AstraZeneca and SanofiGSK's product sales in this area were $8.534 billion in 2019, a slight decline, but still 37 percent of the global marketAstraZeneca and Sanofi, with their two single-fightFasenra and Dupixent in the asthma sector, have achieved increases in total sales in this area, particularly Sanofi, which has already made it into the top three in 2019Data source: company earnings, pharmaceutical Rubik's Cube; other mainly refers to anti-diptriene, PDE4 inhibitors from the drug category, corticosteroids / long-acting beta receptor agonists (ICS/LABA) in the field of long-term dominance, but in recent years due to the impact of generic drugs and triple drugs, sales decline significantlyThe singofocst drugs and corticosteroids/long-acting M-receptor blockers/long-acting beta-receptor agonists (ICS/LAMA/LABA) triple drugs have increased rapidly in recent yearsIn particular, sing-it-also-sales revenue has surpassed ICS/LABA as the number one in 2019The following categories of drugs will be briefly introduced: Corticosteroids/Long-Acting Beta Receptor Agonists (ICS/LABA) Currently on the market, the three major ICS/LABA drugs on the market are AstraZeneca's Symbicort and GSK's Advair and BreoSales of the three drugs in 2018 and 2019 totaled $7.230 and $5,952 million, respectively, a decline of 17.67 percentListed ICS/LABA Drug Source: NextPharma, Advair peaked with sales of $6.468 billion in 2013GSK launched its second ICS/LABA product, Breo, in May 2013, which was administered only once a day and uses the easier-to-learn drug dispensing device, ElliptaIn 2019, Breo's global sales were $1.243 billionLong-acting M receptor agonist (LAMA) LAMA is mainly used in copD treatment, such drugs are currently mainly affected by generic and other LAMA diandroative and triple drugs, sales decline significantlyBollinger Ingham's Spiriva was the world's first COPD treatment to be inhaled once a day, with peak sales of $3.901 billion in 2012The 2019 sales of the anti-monium-based pentom-bromine generic drug (Sky Speed) reached 627 million yuanListed LAMA drug source: NextPharma Corticosteroids (ICS) ICS is a first-line drug for the prevention and treatment of all types of asthma, with AstraZeneca's Pulmicort and GSK's Flovent sales reaching $1.466 million and GSK's Flovent in 2019, respectively, in first and second placeAmong them, AstraZeneca's inhaled budined mixed suspension is the largest domestic sales of inhalation agents, domestic sales in 2017 reached 4.29 billion yuanThe drug has been in China since 2004 and will not be approved for sale until February 2020Listed ICS Drug Sources: NextPharma Corticosteroids/Long-Actmed M Blockers/Long-Acting Beta Blockers (ICS/LAMA/LABA) GSK and AstraZenics are head players in the field of asthma/COPD, both of which are available in single, binary, triple and monotortus drugsIn 2017, GSK pioneered the world's first triple COPD drug, TrelegyAstraZeneca also launched Breztri in Japan in 2019Listed ICS/LAMA/LABA Drug Source: NextPharma's difference is mainly in the different dosing devices, GSK uses Ellipta with a focus on ease of learning, and AstraZeneca uses Aerosphere, a co-suspension technology that outputs 3 micron particles, making it easier to enter the small airways and play a local therapeutic roleBoth drugs have been approved in ChinaIt is also worth mentioning that Novartis' daily triple compound formulation Enerzair Breezhaler (Datroglon ammonium momisson inhaled powder mist) for the treatment of asthma has been approved by the European Medicines Agency CHMP and is expected to become the first ICS/LAMA/LABA triple drug for asthmaAt present, Novartis this new drug has also submitted a listing application in ChinaIn addition to the above products, short-acting beta receptor agonists (SABA) are still a first-line treatment for acute asthma attacks due to their fast-acting, representing The Drug's Ventolin (salbutamol), which represents GSKVentolin's sales were $1.201 billion in 2019, up 22.6 percent Other products such as the anti-white triene drug Monrust sodium (Mercauto, Singulair) and the PDE4 inhibitor Rofusster (AstraZeneca, Daliresp) and others In 2019, sales of the two drugs were $900 million, almost unchanged from 2018 and accounting for 4% of the overall market In addition, there has been considerable progress in the development of asthma drugs in recent years Xolair, a monoanti-drug drug for asthma, has been listed worldwide for five monoantinos Thanks to the growing adaptation of this type of drug, the five mono-resistant models will generate more than $700,000 in sales in 2019, accounting for 31% of the market The listed asthma treatment monoantithedrug source: NextPharma, the most reliable product in Sanofi's current line of products, has sold sales of more than 2 billion euros in three years, and Sanofi has expected a peak sales of 10 billion euros, and the product has already filed for listing in China Novartis/Roche Xolair has been approved for listing in China, but its fee is still at a high level, at about 3,999 yuan per branch.
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