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    Overview of $20 billion asthma / COPD drug market

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (asthma / COPD) are two common chronic respiratory diseasesPatients usually need long-term medication and their quality of life is greatly affectedIt is estimated that there are 334 million asthma patients and 328 million COPD patients in the worldAmong them, asthma is more common in children and adolescents, COPD is more common in the elderly, and affected by smoking< br / > there are many similarities between asthma and COPD in symptoms and clinical medicationBronchodilators (β 2-adrenergic receptor agonists, M-cholinergic receptor blockers and theophyllines) and anti-inflammatory drugs (glucocorticoids and anti leukotrienes) are neededIn addition, in the field of allergic asthma and eosinophilic asthma, a number of monoclonal antibodies have been approved for marketing in recent years< br / > according to the statistical results of the magic cube of medicine, the total sales revenue of the products in the field of asthma / COPD medicine in the world in 2018 and 2019 is about 21.7 billion US dollars and 22.8 billion US dollars respectively, showing a steady growth trendAccording to the forecast of corewellian, the market size of asthma / COPD will reach US $26 billion in 2020< br / > < br / > < br / > at present, the global asthma / COPD drug market is dominated by GSK, AstraZeneca and SanofiIn 2019, GSK's product sales revenue for this field is USD 8.534 billion, which is a slight decline, but still accounts for 37% of the global market, ranking the first placeAstraZeneca and Sanofi have achieved the growth of total sales revenue in this field by virtue of their two monoclonal antibodies, fasenra and dupixent, respectivelySanofi, in particular, has reached the top three in 2019< br / > < br / >In recent years, the sales revenue of McAbs and corticosteroids / long-acting M-receptor blockers / long-acting β - receptor agonists (ICS / Lama / Laba) has increased rapidlyIn particular, the sales revenue of McAbs in 2019 has surpassed ICS / Laba to become the first< br / > the following will give a brief introduction to each category of drugs: < br / > at present, the three main ICS / Laba drugs on the market are AstraZeneca's symbiort and GSK's advair and Breo respectively The sales revenue of the three drugs in 2018 and 2019 totaled $7230 million and $5952 million, respectively, down 17.67% < br / > the ICS / Laba drugs that have been listed < br / > < br / > < br / > among them, advanir reached its sales peak of $6.468 billion in 2013 GSK launched its second ICS / Laba product, Breo, in May 2013 This product only needs to be administered once a day compared with the former, and uses a more easily learned dosing device, ellipta In 2019, Breo's global sales were $1243 million < br / > Lama is mainly used for the treatment of COPD At present, this kind of drugs are mainly affected by generic drugs and other Lama dual and triple drugs, and the sales volume has declined significantly Spiriva of Boehringer Ingelheim is the first COPD treatment drug inhaled once a day in the world, with a peak sales volume of $3.901 billion in 2012 In 2019, the sales volume of Zenda Tianqing's tiotropium bromide generic (Tianqing Shule) reached 627 million yuan < br / > the listed Lama drugs < br / > < br / > < br / > ICs are the first-line drugs for the prevention and treatment of various types of asthma In 2019, the sales volume of Pulmicort and GSK of AstraZeneca reached US $1466 and US $805 million respectively, ranking first and second respectively Among them, AstraZeneca's inhaled budesonide suspension is the largest inhaled preparation in China, with a domestic sales volume of 4.29 billion yuan in 2017 The drug entered China in 2004, and was not approved for market until February 2020 when Zhengda Tianqing first imitated it < br / > the listed ICs drugs < br / > < br / > < br / > GSK and AstraZeneca, as the top players in the field of asthma / COPD, have layout in single drug, double drug, triple drug and monoclonal antibody drugs In 2017, GSK took the lead in launching the world's first triple COPD drug trelegy once a day In 2019, AstraZeneca also launched breztri in Japan < br / > the difference between ICS / Lama / Laba drugs on the market < br / > < br / > < br / > is mainly due to the different drug delivery devices GSK uses elipta, which focuses on easy learning AstraZeneca uses aerosphere with CO suspension technology The device can output 3 μ m particles, which is easier to enter small airway and plays a role in local treatment At present, both drugs have been approved in China < br / > in addition, it is worth mentioning that the marketing application of enerzair breezhaler (indadroglom bromate mometasone furoate inhalation powder mist) for asthma treatment has been recommended and approved by the European Drug Administration CHMP, which is expected to become the first ICS / Lama / Laba triple drug for asthma At present, Novartis has also submitted an application for listing in China < br / > in addition to the above products, short acting beta agonist (Saba) is still the first-line treatment drug for acute asthma attack due to its fast onset, and the representative drug is mainly Ventolin (salbutamol) of GSK In 2019, Ventolin's sales reached US $1.201 billion, an increase of 22.6% < br / > other products, such as anti leukotriene drug montelukast sodium (Singulair) and PDE4 inhibitor, AstraZeneca (daliresp), etc In 2019, the sales revenue of the two drugs was $900 million, almost the same as that in 2018, accounting for 4% of the overall market < br / > in addition, the development of asthma drugs has made great progress in recent years Since xolair, the first McAb for asthma, was approved for marketing, five McAbs have been approved for marketing in the world Thanks to the expanding indications of this type of drug, the sales revenue of these 5 McAbs has exceeded US $700 thousand in 2019, with a market share of 31% < br / > the marketed McAbs for asthma treatment < br / > < br / > < br / > among them, dupixent is the most reliable product in Sanofi's product pipeline at present, and its sales volume has exceeded 2 billion euros in three years since its launch Sanofi expects its sales peak to be 10 billion euros This product has submitted its listing application in China Novartis / Roche xolair has been approved for listing in China, but its cost is still at a high level, about 3999 yuan / piece
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