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    "Born of Beauty, Broad and Loving" A "graduation" ceremony for lymphoma patients

    • Last Update: 2022-10-03
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    On the occasion of the 19th World Lymphoma Day, the "Born of Beauty, Broad and Loving" World Lymphoma Day Patient "Graduation" ceremony hosted by Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as "Ruijin Hospital") and jointly supported by Lymphoma Home and Roche Pharmaceutical China

    Professor Zhao Weizhen, Vice President of Ruijin Hospital, and the team of the Department of Hematology of Ruijin Hospital attended the event, and at the same time, representatives of rehabilitation patients, patient organizations, volunteer teams and enterprises were also gathered to focus on the unmet social needs of lymphoma rehabilitation patients in many ways, and jointly issued an initiative: to carry out the wind of broad and loving love of Ruijin, walk with patients, go to the covenant of cure, and help every lymphoma patient return to society

    Ruijin Hematology Zhao Weichen team and patient representatives

    Pass on the torch and go to the covenant of healing

    At the beginning of the "graduation" ceremony, Professor Zhao Weicheng said kindly: "Improving the cure rate of blood system diseases such as lymphoma and helping patients to return to society is inseparable from the joint efforts
    of doctors and patients.

    Professor Zhao Weiying, Vice President of Ruijin Hospital

    Broad and loving, focusing on the new life of lymphoma patients

    Lymphoma is a common malignant tumor originating from the lympho-hematopoietic system and one of the tumors with a high incidence in
    recent years.

    According to statistics, the overall five-year disease-free survival rate of lymphoma patients in China is nearly 38%[2], while the cure rate of lymphoma in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is even higher

    With the arrival of a cure, more and more lymphoma patients are rushing to a new life with anticipation, but this new life road is still full of thorns


    Gu Hongfei, founder of Lymphoma House

    Work together to build concentric circles for patients to return to society

    At the event site, representatives of lymphoma rehabilitation volunteers shared with Ruijin hematologists the true stories of past "graduates" actively fighting against the disease and rejoining society, inspiring patients' confidence and courage
    to return to society.
    Zheng, 32, who was diagnosed with a rare ALK-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma when the baby was just born, relied on medical care and her own perseverance to seize the light
    of life again and again.
    Now, after many rounds of treatment, she has successfully recovered and joined a new company, returning to the helm
    of life.
    Ma, 35, was diagnosed with primary mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in 2018, and rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic after "graduation" from the hospital, as a youth volunteer to continue to pass on the fire of hope and the belief of rebirth, becoming the "strongest father"
    in his daughter's heart.

    Zhang Muchen and Ms.
    Zheng, Department of Hematology, Ruijin Hospital

    Ji Mengmeng and Mr.
    Ma of the Department of Hematology, Ruijin Hospital

    To effectively help lymphoma patients to take the step of returning to society, it is necessary for hospitals, patient organizations and enterprises to cooperate and actively participate in the cooperation and active participation of all sectors of society to provide employment assistance and other care services for lymphoma rehabilitation patients, so that patients can get more social attention and longer-term social care, which is why this different "graduation" ceremony
    is held.

    As one of the initiators of the event, Mr.
    Qian Wei, General Manager of the Oncology Field of Roche Pharmaceuticals China Customer Interaction Business Model, said: "This year is the fifth consecutive year that Roche has supported the 'Born of Beauty' lymphoma disease education campaign, and as more and more innovative therapies enter China, the hope of lymphoma cure is growing, adhering to the ' With the concept of 'walking before the needs of patients', Roche will increase investment in the integration of lymphoma diagnosis and treatment in China, continue to improve the awareness of lymphoma diseases, help lymphoma patients to diagnose and treat early, so that every lymphoma patient can walk through without missing the opportunity to cure, and help them return to normal work and life

    At the end of the event, in order to better support lymphoma patients, Professor Zhao Weicheng led the blood team of Ruijin Hospital to jointly pledge to always inherit the wind of broad and loving kindness, vow to save lives and help the injured, and take the pursuit of cure to help patients with blood diseases return to health
    Call on the whole society to pay attention to lymphoma, pass on the power of cure, eliminate prejudices and obstacles, so that every lymphoma patient can return to society, return to the workplace, embrace the future, run to love, and rejuvenate life

    Professor Zhao Weiying plucked the ears for the "graduates"


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    [2] Liu, W, et al.
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