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    Clin Nutrition: Longitudinal changes in body composition in patients with peritoneal dialysis are associated with all-cause mortality

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    Background and target peritina dialysis (PD) are associated with many adverse changes in body composition, including increased fat and muscle loss.
    changes in body composition are related to long-term prognosms.
    the purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of longitudinal changes in body composition on all-cause mortality in PD patients.
    PD patients were tested for bio impedance testing (BIS) and grip force (HGS) at baseline and after 2 years.
    131 of the 160 patients received repeated BIS and HGS tests.
    loss of the Thin Tissue Index (LTI) and the increase in the Adipose Tissue Index (FTI) were defined as a 10% decrease in LTI and a 10% increase in FTI after 2 years.
    then studied changes in body composition over a two-year 2-year err on all patients.
    results showed that the prevalence of muscle reduction at baseline was 13.8%.
    two years, increases in LTI loss and FTI were observed in patients 40 (30.5%) and 58 (44.3%), respectively.
    baseline clinical factors do not predict changes in the vertical composition of the body, and there is a negative correlation between changes in LTI and FTI (r s -0.574, p slt;0.001).
    after adjusting demographic and biomeological parameters, low LTI and low HGS at baseline are important predictive indicators of all-cause mortality, but not when cardiovascular factors are included in multi-factor analysis.
    , however, ltI loss and FTI gain were independent risk factors for all-cause mortality after adjusting demographic, bio-chemical, and cardiovascular parameters.
    in patients with PD, vertical changes in LTI and FTI were associated with all-cause mortality, with loss of lean tissue and increased adipose tissue significantly increasing mortality.
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