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    Haixing Health Care: Improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation to accelerate the transformation of the research results of prolifera

    • Last Update: 2022-09-03
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    Since 1974, Chen Cankun has been engaged in marine food related work.

    Part of the equipment for the extract of Ulva prolifera in Haixing Company

    Chen Cankun, who is in his sixtieth year, is still concentrating on the production and research of seaweed, green seaweed snack food, green seaweed tablets, compound formula of medicinal and edible extracts and pueraria root capsules

    Fujian Haixing Health Food Co.

    It is reported that the "fitness brand" roasted seaweed produced by the company won the title of "Fujian Famous Agricultural Products" in 2011; in 2004, the company developed green algae powder and final processing technology, and in 2011, ultrasonic combined with enzymatic hydrolysis technology to efficiently extract high-purity Enteromorpha polysaccharide has twice been listed as a "National Spark Project" by the Spark Program Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology; in 2012, the company's breeding base was listed as a "Ministry of Agriculture Healthy Aquaculture Demonstration Farm" by the former Ministry of Agriculture; in 2009, it was approved by Fujian Science and Technology The department organized experts to review as "the implementation of Haixing Company's seaweed polysaccharide project has good social, economic and ecological benefits, and the overall technical level is in the domestic leading position in similar research"; in order to further strengthen scientific research cooperation and in-depth research on the value of seaweed, the company cooperated with Fujian Province in 2017.

    Prolifera has been an edible and medicinal algae since ancient times

    In 2012, the company undertook the special sub-project of the State Oceanic Administration's public welfare marine scientific research "Extraction, separation and industrialized preparation of polysaccharides of prolifera and preparation of related health care products"; "Key Technologies and Industrialization of Moss High Value", which was included in the key category A of the marine biomedical project library of the State Oceanic Administration of the Ministry of Finance in 2014.

    Through years of hard work, the company's research results on the polysaccharide of E.

    (Chen Xianglin)


    "China Food News" (March 31, 2021 08 edition)

    (Editor-in-charge: Wang Han)

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