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    Keep the bottom line of food safety

    • Last Update: 2022-09-15
    • Source: Internet
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    There are already signs of optimism in the recovery of the

    Hot pot "a brother" Haidilao recently connected to the hot search, first of the first half of the financial loss, let the market exclaim "young people abandoned Haidilao, abandoned the hot pot", and then because the bottom of the pork belly chicken pot is suspected of using pre-products, so that a group of fans worry about the bottom of the health pot to drink a lonely

    The questioning of the bottom of the pork belly chicken pot reflects consumers' concerns about

    Losses represent a certain dangerous trend, the turnover rate has declined, and the number of posts on social platforms that complain about expensive prices and shrinking services should arouse the attention

    At this time, when we talk about whether consumers will abandon Haidilao, we are actually concerned about whether the entire catering industry can regain its glory, after all, the catering industry is one of the most concentrated industries in the market, which is related to the rice bowl of many people; Talking about whether to eat Haidilao's pork belly chicken is actually concerned about whether food safety and consumers' right to

    There are already signs of optimism in the recovery of the

    In the recovery of consumption, it is difficult to say whether young people will prefer Haidilao, but they certainly did not abandon the hot pot

    This shows that as the most popular catering category for young people, there is no cold field in the hot pot jianghu, and only some people will continue to play and play

    In this regard, Haidilao has a bit of a first-mover advantage: it is one of the catering brands with the strongest social attributes, "say goodbye to all the troubles, say hi to all the happiness" to trigger a chorus of fans, push a new product, and find a "social cow" and "social fear" Customers can be on the hot search

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