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    Nat Cell Biol: Identify key proteins that promote the spread of malignant breast cancer

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 10, 2020 /
    PRNewswire/ -- In a recent study published in the international journal
    nature cell Biology, scientists from the University of South Australia and other institutions have revealed a special protein that promotesbreast cancerThe researchers say high levels of Creld2 protein are often directly associated with the onactivity of malignant breast cancer with lower survival rates, and in the article we describe the molecular mechanisms in which malignant breast cancer produces Creld2 proteins to block healthy cells in the host body and thus promote theprogression oftumorsPhoto Credit: Tom Misteli, Ph.D., and Karen Meaburn, Ph.Dat NIH IRPResearcher Professor Samuel said scientists had known the protein for some time, but had not done much research, and that it had not been understood until now that the protein played a key role in breast cancer; the Creld2 protein appeared to cause abnormal behavior of normal healthy cells around the tumor, thus promoting the continued growth oftumorresearchers are now working together to develop new therapies that disrupt or block the function of the Creld2 protein, with the aim of blocking breast cancer growth and spread in the bodyThe researchers said the level sofa levels of Creld2 protein were high in patients with triple-negative breast cancer, which accounts for 15 per cent of all breast cancer patients in Australia, which is currently difficult to treat and has a low survival rate, and this type of breast cancer often affects the health of young female populations, high levels of Creld2 protein are found in kidney cancers, non-
    skin cancers, and invasive squamous cell carcinomas, which can be fatal if not detected early Finally, the researchers say, the prognosis of these cancer patients is not good, so if we can destroy or block the protein, future scientists may be able to block the progression of these cancers ( original origins: Boyle, S.T., Poltavets, V., Kular, J et al.
    ROCK-mediated selectd yn yopsing of PERK signalling for the fibrosblast reprogramming and the tumour progression through a CRELD2-dependent .
    Nat Cell Biol (2020) doi: 10.1038/s41556-020-0523-y
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