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    Shuanghui Group

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    Basic situation of Shuanghui Group

    Shuanghui Group is the largest meat supplier in China and a national key leading enterprise
    in agricultural industrialization, developed from Luohe City, Henan Province.
    In the past 40 years, Shuanghui has focused on the development of modern meat industry, always adhered to the word "agriculture", focused on meat processing projects, integrated various resources, specialized in the industry, refined products, and made the enterprise bigger and stronger

    Shuanghui pays attention to the investment and development of the industrial chain, takes slaughtering and meat processing as the core, and has created a perfect industrial chain covering feed industry, pig industry, chicken industry, livestock and poultry slaughtering, meat product processing, packaging materials, condiments, cold chain logistics, chain
    commerce, international trade and so on 。 Shuanghui has invested more than 20 billion yuan, built 30 modern meat processing bases and supporting industries in 18 provinces (municipalities) across the country, processed and produced pork, chicken, cooked meat products, leisure meat products, quick-frozen products, Chinese cooked food, conditioning products, pre-made dishes and other various meat products more than 1,000 varieties, has more than 1 million sales terminals, more than 10,000 tons of products are sold to all parts of the country every day, in most provinces in the country can achieve the dawn
    of the day.
    With a brand value of 73.
    8 billion yuan, Shuanghui ranks 151st in the Fortune China 500, leading China's meat industry
    for many consecutive years.

    Shuanghui acquired Smithfield Company of the United States, the world's largest pork company, in 2013, and in 2014, it integrated more than 100 affiliated companies in China, the United States and Europe to form WH Group and listed in
    Hong Kong.
    At present, WH Group has two listed companies, "Shuanghui Development" and "WH Group", slaughtering 50 million pigs and selling more than 10 million tons of meat products every year, and its business radiates to more than 40 countries and regions
    around the world.
    In 2021, WH Group entered the Fortune Global 500, ranking 474th, and is the world's largest, most extensive, most complete industrial chain and most competitive pork food multinational company

    Typical empirical practices for deep processing of agricultural products

    (1) Layout and expand enterprises, improve the radiation driving capacity of factories

    With livestock and poultry slaughtering and meat deep processing as the core, Shuanghui develops feed industry, pig breeding and chicken industry upstream, and develops packaging materials, seasonings, cold chain logistics, chain commerce, international trade, etc.
    downstream, forming an industrial group
    with prominent main business and complete industry support.
    At present, 30 modern meat processing bases and supporting industries have been built in 18 provinces of Henan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Hunan, which have gone out of Henan and gone to the whole country, completing the industrial layout
    in the country.

    These meat processing bases: First, the production and marketing scale is large, with a single factory slaughtering 1.
    5 million pigs per year and producing and selling 100,000 tons of meat products; Second, the high scientific and technological content, the process, technology and equipment are internationally leading, leading the direction of the industry; Each processing base can directly arrange employment of 2,000-3,000 people, raw materials drive an area of 300 kilometers, and products radiate 500 kilometers of the market, driving the output value of local planting and breeding of 2-3 billion yuan, realizing the construction of a factory, driving a market, and benefiting the people

    (2) Based on the deep processing of meat, extend the upstream industry to promote joint agricultural belt agriculture

    Based on agricultural product resources, Shuanghui has explored the industrialization development model
    of "regional layout, standardized management and integrated operation".
    Introduce high-quality breeding pigs and breeding chicken resources at home and abroad, and build a self-breeding and self-raising industrial chain from feed production, breeding pigs, breeding chickens to commercial pig and chicken breeding according to the internationally advanced breeding mode, and implement closed management
    。 In Luohe, Zhoukou, Fuxin, Nanning to build nearly 100 breeding bases, annual slaughter of 1 million pigs, 300 million broiler chickens, but also to provide farmers with technical services, carry out interest linkage cooperation, develop broker team, in the form of contracts to promote the construction of breeding bases, and cooperate with large farms to explore order breeding mode, pig procurement network across the country's major pig producing provinces, annual purchase of more than 10 million excellent commercial pigs, improve the surrounding pig breeds, promote the development of feed industry, It has promoted local pig breeding, grain planting and farmer employment, and promoted rural economic development

    (3) Increase link cooperation and drive related industries to achieve integrated development of the whole industry

    Henan is the largest industrial base and sales market in Shuanghui, and has successively built the first industrial park and the second industrial park in Luohe, and two meat processing bases
    in Zhengzhou and Jiyuan 。 It can slaughter 3 million pigs per year, produce 1 million tons of meat products, 50,000 tons of PVDC casing film, 300 million sets of cartons, 25,000 tons of seasonings, 15,000 tons of osteoporin, 75,000 tons of soybean protein, supporting modern technology research and development center, logistics distribution center, annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan, absorb 30,000 employees, is the largest industrial base
    under Shuanghui, the most complete industry, the most complete supporting facilities and the most outstanding benefits.

    There are more than 800 Henan suppliers cooperating with Shuanghui, and dozens of leading agricultural enterprises represented by Hefeng Food, Henan Feitian, Jindan Lactic Acid Technology, Zhongjing Food, Zhongda Hengyuan, Zhongyan Wuyang, Tianjia Biochemical, COFCO Noodle Industry and Cargill Food, with an annual procurement volume of 2 billion yuan
    At the same time, there are more than 800 fresh meat and meat products distributors in Henan, with an annual sales of 400,000 tons of meat products and a sales volume of 8 billion yuan, which has effectively promoted the development of the local economy through the integrated development
    of the entire industrial chain.

    (4) Cultivate strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities to meet people's needs for a better life

    Shuanghui brings together the world's high-tech and new processes
    It takes the lead in establishing a national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral workstation in the industry, with a research and development team of more than 300 people with high education, and applies world-class meat curing technology, emulsification technology, vegetarian technology, cold segmentation technology, and preservation technology to the production of
    meat industry.

    In 2000, it took the lead in introducing cold fresh meat into China, changing from frozen sales to fresh sales, from hot fresh meat to cold fresh meat, and creating a Chinese meat brand; Since 1992, vigorously developed high-temperature circulation products, and high-temperature meat products represented by Wang Zhongwang, Shuanghui Chopstick Kitchen, and Spicy Meat have enriched the market and facilitated consumption; In recent years, we have vigorously implemented product structure adjustment, introduced Smithfield brand high-end American sausages, ham and bacon into China, and continued to launch fresh conditioning, Western-style low temperature, Chinese-style sauce marinade, catering ingredients, convenience foods, etc.
    , to meet the new consumer needs
    of different groups.

    Through independent research and development and external introduction, Shuanghui actively explores the application of new technologies in the agricultural product processing industry, cultivates strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and has made thousands of varieties of product groups to meet consumers' yearning for a happy life, which is deeply loved
    by the Chinese people.

    (5) Improve the food safety control system and realize the whole process control from farm to table

    Shuanghui has built a food safety control system of "prevention first, risk management, full participation, and whole-process control", which ensures product quality and safety and provides consumers with safe, nutritious, delicious and convenient meat food

    In order to ensure the safety of products, first, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, the construction of a high-standard industrial base, each slaughtering and meat factory must meet international standards; The second is to control from the source, establish its own raw material production and supply base, establish a qualified supplier team, adopt the supplier grading system, and strengthen the quality control of raw and auxiliary materials procurement; The third is to carry out process control in strict accordance with the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, and fully implement ISO9001, ISO14001 and HACCP management systems; The fourth is to introduce advanced testing equipment, establish a professional quality inspection team distributed in all links and processes, check at every level, fortify the road, and ensure product quality and safety; Fifth, strengthen the control of products in the circulation field, and do a good job in after-sales service of products, and properly handle quality complaints of various products; The sixth is to use the information system to effectively track the product, achieve forward traceability, reverse traceability, and realize the whole process control
    from farm to table.

    Third, the results achieved

    Shuanghui produces nearly 4 million tons of meat and meat products annually, digests 15 million pigs and 1 billion broiler chickens, drives 10 million mu of farmland upstream, transforms more than 10 million tons of grain, drives 3 million farmers to engage in breeding and planting related to Shuanghui, and drives the agricultural output value of more than 80 billion yuan.

    Shuanghui has more than 50,000 domestic employees, 202,000 buyers, 30,000 distributors, 1.
    2 million 2.
    4 million sales terminals, 10,000 trunk logistics drivers, and 200,000 breeding jobs, which has driven a total of 2.
    8 million
    social employment.
    This number will continue to grow
    steadily over the next five years.

    By establishing an ecological chain from farmland to table, Shuanghui understands all links from planting, breeding to production and processing, logistics and distribution, and terminal sales
    Share information with farmers, buyers and distributors to improve the ability
    of Shuanghui ecological chain to adapt to the market.
    At the same time, laws and regulations, technical requirements, product standards and development trends of the food industry can be transmitted and information shared
    in a timely manner through the ecological chain.

    Industrial poverty alleviation
    Shuanghui has always responded to the national poverty alleviation strategy, actively implemented the agricultural industry poverty alleviation project, and carried out targeted poverty alleviation work
    As a large agricultural production enterprise, Shuanghui makes use of its own advantages to implement the precise poverty alleviation model
    of "farmers + enterprises".
    Explore emerging agricultural methods such as cooperatives and breeding professional households, help the poor and support their aspirations, enhance the awareness of poverty alleviation among poor households, and let poor households increase their income through work, and gradually move towards the road of
    self-development and prosperity.

    In the 14th Five-Year Plan, in the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modern country, Shuanghui will accurately grasp the development direction, scientifically plan the development path, continue to create a development pattern, adhere to the whole industry chain business model, realize the coordination, linkage and efficient integration of the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and promote the development of the rural industrial economy


    Responsible Editor: Zhao Yu Review: Wang Jinchen


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