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    The composition and preparation process of water-based ink, the production and processing process of water-based color paste

    • Last Update: 2022-04-17
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    Preparation process of water-based ink

    In the laboratory, the preparation of water-based ink is generally divided into three steps, base ink, ink forming and auxiliary

    First, add deionized water, pigments, grinding resin, and various additives in sequence according to the formula ratio, stir on a high-speed mixer for 30 minutes, then use a high-speed grinding and dispersing equipment, add zirconia beads, and grind the base ink for 2 hours to obtain the base ink Therefore, the particle size distribution of the zirconium beads used should be as narrow as possible.
    It is recommended to use brand zirconium beads, so that the particle size of the ground ink is uniform


    Then, the base ink and the film-forming resin are mixed together according to the proportion, and stirred on a magnetic stirrer for 1 hour, and finally the water-based ink-forming coating is obtained online coatingol.


    Finally, according to the printing performance and special requirements of the ink, some additives are added to improve the performance of the ink

    Water-based color paste production and processing process

    The composition of water-based ink

    Water-based ink is mainly composed of main agent and auxiliary agent.
    The main agent is mainly pigment, which gives the ink color; the binder is also called resin, which gives the ink a certain fluidity, so that the ink has suitable transfer performance when it is printed on the machine

    Auxiliary is an auxiliary material of ink, which is often used to improve the specific printing performance of ink in the later stage of ink preparation


    Detailed introduction of pigments, resins, binders and additives

    Pigment is a substance with irregular shape, such as spherical and flake

    During the ink preparation process, the pigment particles are uniformly dispersed in the resin
    When developing the ink formula, the properties of the pigment itself, the printing process, the type of printing machine, the material of the substrate, the subsequent process and the requirements of the final printed matter for the ink should be comprehensively considered, and the most suitable pigment should be finally selected


    The selection of resin should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of printing process, surface characteristics of printing substrate, printing requirements, mutual solubility with pigments and environmental protection issues

    In the early preparation process of the ink, only vegetable oil was used as the connecting material, and the oxidation conjunctival film was slow, so the drying speed was slow, the friction resistance after the formation of the ink film was weak, and the gloss was poor.
    After the resin was applied to the ink, the performance in this regard was Great improvement

    In addition, the adhesion of the ink film to the surface of the substrate is also greatly improved


    Auxiliary agent is an auxiliary component of ink, which is mainly used to adjust the fluidity, drying and other properties of ink in gravure ink
    Mainly include dispersant, substrate wetting agent, leveling agent, defoamer and so on


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