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    This is all about the role of protein powder!

    • Last Update: 2021-09-10
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    Speaking of it, more and more people are now paying attention to nutrition and health.

    The role of protein powder

    In fact, if the name is split, it can be seen that this is a powder with protein (quality) as the main component

    And is protein really so important to the human body?

    There is a saying, "There is no life without protein.

    The protein in the human body accounts for about one-fifth of the total weight [1], and at the same time, the protein in the human body is always in a dynamic balance of continuous decomposition and synthesis, and 3% of the protein is updated every day

    It can be seen that protein is an indispensable nutrient for the human body, and the daily protein intake must meet the body's needs, otherwise problems such as fatigue and decreased immunity may occur

    Under what circumstances to eat protein powder

    Understand the role of protein powder, and also understand that since protein is so important to the human body, what are the situations in which it is necessary to eat it to make up for the deficiencies in the diet?

    ①Uneven diet: Although many vegetarians eat legumes to supplement protein, the value of amino acids in legumes is slightly lower than that of animal protein.

    ③High demand: For people after surgery, in order to promote wound healing and improve body immunity, more protein is needed to provide raw materials for cell synthesis.

    Which protein powder is better

    It is precisely because protein powder is suitable for a wide range of people, which also leads to a relatively large market.

    This product is a reasonable ratio of high-quality whey protein from the Golden Milk Source Belt, as well as the Northeast African genetically modified soy protein, and the scientific ratio of animal and plant double proteins.

    As a professional dietary supplement, it is necessary to understand the function of protein powder and under what circumstances it is necessary to consume protein powder before consuming it, so as to make better use of it


    [1] Zhu Xiumin, Li Haiyan, Gao Zhenkui.

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