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    Watermelon should not be refrigerated for too long inventory watermelon little-known 5 effects

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
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    is well-deservedly the most popular fruit in summer because of its sweet taste and plenty of moisture. But you know, watermelons have a lot of nutritional benefits. According to USDA research, a glass of watermelon
    kca of calories and provides


    of vitamin
    for daily vitamin
    . In addition, watermelon contains dietary fiber that is good for the health of the body's digestive tract, and it contains potassium to help keep blood pressure stable.little-known 5
    lycopethan raw tomatoes. A cup of watermelon contains
    mg of lycopin, while a fresh raw tomato contains only
    mg of lycoprene. Lycope, a super antioxidant, protects human cells from freegen and enhances the immune system. Some studies have even shown that lycope helps fight heart disease and a variety of cancers. The advice from American nutritionists is that watermelons at room temperature are best eaten in order to get the most antioxidants.juice can relieve muscle soreness. The spanish study, published in the Journal of Agriculture and
    Chemistry, found that athletes who drank
    grams of watermelon juice before exercise had less soreness and lower heart rate during the day. This is because watermelons contain a natural substance called guarine, which improves arterial function and lowers blood pressure. Its relaxing effect on blood vessels is equivalent to viagra
    million is both a fruit and a vegetable. Like most fruits, watermelons are a seed-rich agricultural product. However, from a botanical classification point of view, watermelons belong to the same hulu family as pumpkins and gourds. Therefore, guapi is also an edible part, there is no reason to discard it.contains a lot of water. Watermelon is very powerful, with a moisture content of
    . Summer is prone to dehydration, which can cause serious harm to human health. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can cause headaches, inattention, fatigue and poor mood. From the point of view of therapeutics, watermelon is the best watering food.yellow watermelon nutrition is similar. The color of the watermelon is not limited to red, the variety sold on the market also has yellow watermelon, it tastes sweeter. The appearance of the two watermelons is exactly the same, and the health benefits are the best flavor for watermelon refrigeration?sugar in watermelon is mainly fructose, and the sweetness of fructose has a lot to do with the temperature, the lower the temperature below
    degrees C, the higher the sweetness of fructose, up to
    times the sugar. The reason is that fructose has two molecular configurations:
    , and
    fructose is only
    fructose, and at low temperatures, the balance of the two moves in the direction of
    fructose, so the sweetness increases. Not only watermelons, such as lychee, apples and most fruits are also mainly fructose, so ice later to eat, will be sweeter. It is precisely because of this characteristic of fructose, it is widely used in refreshing drinks and other cold drinks
    , such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, ice cream, etc. , so when eating these cold drinks will also feel particularly sweet.fruit into the refrigerator refrigeration, time should not be too long, otherwise easy to breed bacteria or even go bad. It's best not to take more than 12 hours to
    fridge. In addition, cold fruit or cold drinks should not be consumed too much, especially the elderly, children and people with poor spleen and stomach function should pay more attention.
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